Psalm 36

    The sinner loses sight of God.
    The just see and live.
    Surrender to God's embrace.

    Sin whispers with the wicked,
    shares its evil, heart to heart.
    These sinners shut their eyes
    to all fear of God.
    They refuse to see their sin,
    to know it and hate it.

    Their words ring false and empty,
    their plans neglect what is good.
    They daydream of evil,
    plot their crooked ways,
    seizing on all that is vile.

    Your mercy, Lord, spans the sky;
    your faithfulness soars among the clouds.
    Your integrity towers like a mountain;
    your justice runs deeper than the sea.
    Lord, you embrace all life:
    How we prize your tender mercy!

    God, your people seek shelter,
    safe in the warmth of your wing.
    They feast at your full table,
    slake their thirst in your cool stream,
    for you are the fount of life,
    you give us light and we see.

    Grant mercy always to your own,
    victory to honest hearts.
    Keep the proud from trampling me,
    assaulting me with wicked hands.
    Let those sinners collapse,
    struck down, never to rise.


The International Commission on English in the Liturgy
The Psalter (Chicago, IL: Archdiocese of Chicago: Liturgy Training Publications, 1995)