Patricia Soto

Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics at CU since August 2007.

My "soul" is that of a teacher and my "hobby" at work is my research in molecular biophysics.

More about me:

My pride and joy is my family: My husband and I have been together for a few years (since 1996) and together have traveled and experienced tons of adventures! Our greatest adventure has been parenthood: Our two kids (4 and 1 year old) keep us busy and super happy 24/7. My kids are the purest and magnificent love materialized in a human being.

Coming from Bogota, Colombia we never thought we will end up in Omaha, the heartland of the US. And here we are: building our community, expanding our careers, growing with our kids, and learning to love the Nebraskan weather!

Writing these reflections:

I am new at writing these reflections. I voluntereed because I felt I needed a moment to share and grow in my spirituality with you. And would like to share yours with mine. 

I thank you, the reader and fellow pilgrim, for joining us on our journey.  God bless us.