Blessed are You, Lord

Blessed are you, Lord our God,

Who has given to each of us
A personal destiny and purpose in life.

We thank You, God of Mysterious Ways,

that You have a holy design
for each of us.

We rejoice

that we are, each of us,
special to You,
that our names are written in the palm of Your hand
and our place in history,
our purpose for existing,
is known within Your heart,
since endless ages.

We are grateful

for that long line of holy people,
who since ancient times have inspired others
by their faithfulness
to their own special destinies.

They, by their very lives,

shout out to us
not to compromise our destinies,
but to live fully within Your eternal design.

Blessed are You, Inscrutible Lord,

for those events, persons, talents and loves
which have helped us to discover adventure and purpose,
fruitfulness and meaning,
in our sometimes empty
and seemingly insignificant lives.

Blessed are You

for teachers, parents and other guides
who call us out
from the cocoon of comfort and contentment
to embark upon that unique path
which You have set forth
for each of Your sons and daughters.

Blessed are You, Lord our God,

who has given to each of us
a personal destiny and purpose in life.


Hayes, Edward Prayers for the Domestic Church (Easton, KS: Forest of Peace Books, Inc.) p. 59.
Reprinted with permission from Prayers for the Domestic Church by Father
Edward Hays, copyright Forest of Peace Publishing, Inc., 251 Muncie Rd.,
Leavenworth, KS 66048