"What gift can ever repay
God's gift to me?"

An expression of loving trust.
The Psalmist remembers death's grip
but rests secure in God's embrace.

I am filled with love,
for the Lord Hears me;
the Lord bends to my voice
whenever I call.

Death had me in its grip,
the grave's trap was set,
grief held me fast.
I cried out for God,
"Please, Lord, rescue me!"

Kind and faithful is the Lord,
gentle is our God.
The Lord shelters the poor,
raises me from the dust.
Rest once more, my heart,
for you know
the Lord's love.

God rescues me from death,
wiping my tears,
steadying my feet.
I walk with the Lord
in this land of the living.

I believe, even as I say,
"I am afflicted."
I believe, even though I scream,
"Everyone lies!"

What gift can ever repay
God's gift to me?
I raise the cup of freedom
as I call on God's name!
I fulfill my vows to you, Lord,
standing before your assembly.

Lord, you hate to see
your faithful ones die.
I beg you, Lord, hear me:
it is I, the servant you love,
I, the child of your servant.
You freed me from death's grip.

I bring a gift of thanks,
as I call on your name.
I fulfill my vows to you, Lord,
standing before your assembly,
in the courts of your house,
within the heart of Jerusalem.


                                Psalm 116

The International Commission on English in the Liturgy The Psalter (Chicago, IL: Archdiocese of Chicago: Liturgy Training Publications, 1995)