"You will see the Spirit come down and stay on someone."

John told them, "I use water to baptize people.  But here with you is someone you don't know.  Even though I came first, I am not good enough to untie his sandals."  John said this as he was baptizing east of the Jordan River in Bethany.

The next day, John saw Jesus coming toward him and said:

Here is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!  He is the one I told you about when I said, "Someone else will come.  He is greater than I am, because he was alive before I was born."  I didn't know who he was.  But I came to baptize you with water, so that everyone in Israel would see him.

I was there and saw the Spirit come down on him like a dove from heaven.  And the Spirit stayed on him.  Before this I didn't know who he was.  But the one who sent me to baptize with water had told me, "You will see the Spirit come down and stay on someone.  Then you will know that he is the one who will baptize with the Holy Spirit."  I saw this happen, and I tell you that he is the Son of God.

                                                                                         John 1:26-34

Contemporary English Version The Holy Bible (New York , NY: American Bible Society 1995)