Making the Online Retreat
Can I do it?
Why Start September 16th?

The Online Retreat is a wonderful part of our Online Ministries site.  It allows anyone with enough desire to experience the powerful grace of finding intimacy with God in all things - even our busy lives.

Can I do it?  I'm really busy.
The retreat is designed for busy people.  Each week's Guide page offers an approach to our whole week, right in the midst of our every day life.  We will learn, step by step, week by week, how to be more reflective throughout our day.  The retreat won't take us away from anything we normally do.  It will just take us deeper into our experience, help us desire more deeply, and draw us into a deeper relationship with our Lord.  And, the goal of it all is greater spiritual freedom. 

Because it is a website, everything we need is just a "click" away.  A brief guide, and a number of easy resources.  That's it.  And, the weekly photo can become the "wallpaper" on our monitor, helping to remind us of our reflection all week long.

The best news of all is that really busy people, from all over the world, have been making this retreat and telling others about the powerful graces they have received.  If you are wondering if it might be right for you, just take a few moments to read the feedback some people sent us about how the retreat made a difference in their lives.
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Why Start on September 16th?
The movements of this retreat work wonderfully well with the movements of the Liturgical Year.  That means that, if we begin the retreat during the week of September 16th this year, we will be reflecting upon the birth of Jesus for us at Christmas time and we will be reflecting upon Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus during Lent and Easter time.

Anyone can begin the retreat at any time.  There are lots of people in each of the weeks of the retreat right now.  In the weeks ahead, people are going to be gathering with friends or forming groups in parishes and a wide variety of support groups.  By beginning on September 16th, we will be making the retreat along with a large community around the world.

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