Tom Purcell

Professor of Accounting 

Heider College of Business

More about me:

My wonderful wife Sue and I have been married for over 41 years, and she knows me better than I do myself. We have three children - all three graduates from Creighton - who are so different while being so alike. They are a true blessing. And we have an almost 4 year old grandson, Isaac - it is fascinating watching your child learn to parent (and hard to bite my tongue when we disagree on what to do!). I like to garden and try to be handy about the house, read whenever and whatever I can, collect first edition books, and fight the ravages of age through exercise (but so far I have resisted the diet part!). I know it is a losing battle, but I don't want to go easily. I currently am wrapping my head around becoming eligible for Medicare!

Professionally I serve as chair of the Department of Accounting and hold an appointment as a Professor of Accounting in the Heider College of Business. I have been at Creighton, in one form or another (student, part time instructor in accounting, full time faculty member), almost continuously since September, 1967. The absolute joy of this position is being able to combine both of my professional passions - serving students and serving the accounting and greater community. I find much synergism in sharing my talents (tax law, strategic planner, community leader) with my students and in incorporating my community service with them. I am building more and more service learning into my courses. To me it is the essence of the Jesuit message of finding God in all things and being in service to those you encounter.  If you are interested the college website has some information about me.

My own spirituality has been influenced heavily, as you might expect, by the Jesuit tradition. I have found Fr. Tony deMello's works to be very helpful, as well as Albert Nolan’s, and have read some of Thich Nhat Hanh’s books and Richard Rohr’s Falling Upward

Writing these reflections:

I am humbled by the opportunity to share my reflections with you through this vehicle.  I start every class with a prayer or reflection, and so I am comfortable sharing where I am with my own spirituality.  But to be on-line, for the whole world to access, is incredible.  I approach these as a sharing of daily life.  I don't try to be anything more than who I am, and how the readings resonate with me when I prepare them.  And so I think what I am doing is sharing with you how I hear God's word - you will hear it differently than I, but how I have interpreted the message I receive may in some way help you.  If it does, then I think that is God's grace working through me, and this is why I am humbled by this whole experience.

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