Heartland III
May 22-25, 2000
Creighton, University
John O'Malley, S.J.
   Professor, Church History
    Weston Jesuit School 
    of Theology.
The Language of Our Heritage

O'Malley, will review how the early Jesuits constructed a vocabulary to convey their
spirituality and mission.

Lawrence Raful 
  Professor and former dean
  Creighton University 
  School of Law;

Catherine Mahern
   Associate professor and
   Director of  Creighton's
   Abrahams Legal Clinic,
   Creighton University 
   School of Law

The Jesuit University: 
Are We Jesuit or Are We University?

The heart of Jesuit education calls us to discover through our hopes and dreams what God is desiring of us.  The heart of American University education calls us to compete in the marketplace for students, faculty, staff, dollars, and achievements.

Raful and Mahern will discuss their experience and vision of how the Jesuit mission is sometimes lived out and sometimes thwarted by the work we do on campus and beyond.

Donna Markham, O.P.
   President and chief 
   executive officer,
   Southdown Institute
   Ontario, Canada
Linking Dreams to Reality

Engaging and transforming the mission of our institutions requires passion and skills. Markham will suggest practical ways of bringing visions and dreams to concrete expression.

Bishop Kenneth Untener
    Bishop of Saginaw, Michigan
Called and Missioned

Bishop Untener will challenge us to make a difference in the world through the missions of our Catholic, Jesuit schools.

Gauvin Alexander Bailey
   Assistant professor of 
   Renaissance  and 
   Baroque Art 
   Clark University, 
   Worchester, MA
Francis Xavier & the Mission Arts 
of Asia

Bailey will provide an illustrated presentation on St. Francis Xavier, his mission to Japan as one of the first Jesuits 450 years ago, and his influence on the arts of Southeast Asia.

(This multi-media program will run continuously
during lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday.)