Daily Reflection
November 18th, 2002
 Eden Foord
Campus Ministry
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Revelation 1:1-4; 2:1-5
Psalm 1:1-2, 3, 4, 6
Luke 18:35-43

“You have lost the love you had at first.”

Today’s first reading is from the book of Revelation.  I must admit that much of this book confuses me, but there are also parts that stand out clearly.  Today’s reading speaks clearly about the early faith of the Ephesians.  Christians may be able to identify with the Ephesians in this passage.  Haven’t you ever felt like you lost some of the love you had when you first responded to God’s call to come closer?  Reflecting back to when I was twenty, I feel that my faith has since lost some of its intensity and passion.  In those early years, I felt like I was on fire with God’s love.  I could never get enough of God.  I deeply desired to pray to and learn more about God.  I was in love with God and thirsted for Him daily.

My faith life is different now.  I don’t feel the same passion as in the beginning, rather I feel like God is a constant in my life.  I feel more committed and more intimate with God.  In a real sense my faith is more genuine and tested through many years of trials and heartaches.  It’s much easier to let go and trust that God is active and present in my life.  What happened to that passion and thirst for God in my youth?  It is still there, but now it’s being lived out in new ways. 

Actually, the evolution of my relationship with God is very similar to how my relationship with my wife has evolved.  In the beginning of our relationship we could not get enough of each other.  We spent lots of time together and our time apart was spent thinking about one another.  We thirsted for daily connections which took the form of walks, dinners and long discussions together.  After years of marriage and having kids, our relationship is different.  The passion and excitement of being together in the beginning has taken the form of being committed to and caring for each other and the kids.  The walks and discussion have shortened since the beginning, but they are still as moving and more intimate.  We are more real, genuine, know each other better, and are more in love than in the beginning.  Because of our busy lives, my wife and I have to be intentional about spending time together where we can taste the first fruits of our relationship. 

It is quite natural for a long-term committed relationship to grow, mature and take on different appearances.  It is also easy to take your partner for granted in this type of relationship.  I believe the first reading reminds us not to take our relationship with God for granted.  Hopefully our relationship with God has grown and matured since the beginning, but it is also important to re-taste the fruit of that early love.  We could probably be more like the blind man in today’s gospel reading who is not reserved or concerned about how he may appear in front of others, but calls out in faith for Christ.  How would our days be different if you and I enlivened our relationship with God and called out in faith?  How would we be affected if we spoke about our love for God more and were more excited to spend time in prayer?  I trust we too would have a renewed vision and hear the words, “your faith has saved you.”

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