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May 30th, 2009

Marcia Shadle Cusic

School of Medicine
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Saturday in the Seventh Week of Easter
Acts 28:16-20, 30-31
Psalm 11:4, 5 and 7
John 21:20-25

The reading from Acts 28:16-20, 30-31 left me thinking of “false accusation” and thinking about how many times we have seen people in history and maybe in our present lives being falsely accused.  It may be human nature or “mob mentality” to think the worst of another person without really knowing the facts or the truth.  Even when the truth is revealed, people may still want to believe the non-truths fearing a change in perception or knowledge thus avoiding personal reflection and personal changes.

This first reading states, “for it is on account of the hope of Israel”.  This hope, of the people living in Israel, was the hope of a savior.  This Savior Jesus, the Son of God had come to the people of Israel but some living in Israel did not accept Jesus as the Savior. Jesus lived and preached a new message, which to some was difficult or maybe even frightful to accept.  Jesus taught “to love one another as God has/had loved them”. Jesus taught forgiveness and not “an eye for an eye”.  Jesus taught to trust in the ways of the Lord, to give to God what is God’s.  Jesus, who taught lessons such as enriching and sharing our gifts, given to us by God, and not to “hide them under a basket” or “bury them in the ground”. Jesus, who taught us to care for and to love those who are different from us or who are diseased and need our help, support, care and understanding.                                                  

The responsorial psalm “The just will gaze on your face” reminds us that justice will prevail.  We are reminded that God lives within us and among us, as God is found in our fellow humans/mankind.  We are reminded to love what God has given us, knowing that God is guiding us on our journeys.

Finally in the Gospel message, I heard not to be too concerned, jealous, or worried about others or what others possess or value, rather concentrate and live our lives according to the teachings of Jesus.  Life is a mystery, which can frighten us if we think we are totally in charge.  But life can be exciting and joyful if we know that God is on this journey with us. Yes, life will continue to be a mystery BUT a mysterious life with revelations, solutions and directions if we invite God into our mysterious lives.

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