Daily Reflection
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June 4th, 2009

Jeanne Schuler

Philosphy Department
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Two families are crushed by misfortune.  Their alliance saves them.  Sarah was hideous in everyone’s eyes.  Seven men sought to enter into marriage with her.  Seven husbands died on the wedding night.  Her good name was shattered.  Like Job, she was shunned.  Even the servants mocked her.  Her father’s only child, Sarah seemed destined to remain alone.  In desolation, she prayed for death.

Tobiah set out on a journey to restore the fortunes of his family.  He did not travel alone.  The angel Raphael guided him.  They were welcomed by their kinsman, and Tobiah stepped forward to ask for Sarah in marriage.  He did not hesitate.  His own father had been falsely accused and his family stripped of everything.  He saw past her notoriety to the hunger in Sarah’s heart.

In isolation, we may long for death.  Tobiah reminded Sarah that she had never been abandoned.  Together they prayed for deliverance.  Trusting in God’s mercy, they faced the night together.  Their graves would remain empty for many years.

We must find companions for the journey.  We need shelter from the night.  No one makes it alone. 

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