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August 10, 2009

Tamora Whitney

English Department
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It’s true we reap what we sow.  If we didn’t plant seeds and take care of them, we could not harvest anything. Whatever we want, we have to put time and energy into. Planting one seed will surely give a smaller harvest than planting one hundred seeds.  A neglected plant will not be as bountiful as one watered and cared for. But the corollary is also good – what we reap, we should sow.  God gives us everything, but many complain about giving back.  The good things we are given we should give back in charity, in energy, and in good works. And we should give back cheerfully. Whatever we give our time and energy to will be our blessing in return.

But this entails sacrifice as well.  We have to spend time and energy to get a return.  We have to share our bounty from God and from our work. To get something back, something must be given up.  We cannot have our cake, and eat it too.  Keeping a seed does no good.  It must be planted to sprout, but then it’s not a seed anymore, it’s something else entirely.  It’s a whole new plant, and the cycle of life continues. We cannot keep and preserve what we are given – we have to give it back, but then it’s changed into something else entirely. Whatever we try to keep will stagnate, but what we give back can be changed and can change the world.

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