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November 13th, 2009

Pat Callone

Institutional and Community Relations
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“…For they (humans) search busily among his works,
But are distracted by what they see, because the things seen are fair…

For if they so far succeeded in knowledge
That they could speculate about the world,
How did they not more quickly find its Lord?”

Today is a brilliantly beautiful, crisp, fall day in Nebraska.
I went for a walk at noon and the falling leaves of red and gold were swirling and dancing in circles.  They certainly wanted to be noticed.

The clear blue sky – that we have not seen for about two weeks – made one feel like you could look straight into heaven.  This is the time of the year the reading is talking about.

Yes, we humans “search busily among his works” and can become distracted with the beauty we see...and miss seeing the Lord who is Author of all.  We all need reminders to seek the Source of all creation and to give thanks and praise.

The display of fall beauty across the world helps caregivers of the sick and elderly among us.  The senses can be stimulated in marvelous ways.

We are all caregivers at some time in our lives….Perhaps you are a caregiver to an older person now.  If you are, help your loved one enjoy:

the touch of the crisp air,
the smell of wood fires,
the taste of fresh-baked pumpkin cookies and sweet apple cider,
the sound of falling leaves,
the wonderful display of red, gold, and cocoa-brown colors in the earth.

Hidden memories can be resurrected from the past and meaningful moments can be shared and treasured.  It is a time to rejoice before the dark, cold days leading to the end of the year descend upon us.

Today, I wish for YOU some special time with your LOVED ONES…stimulating all your senses to feel alive and well in the gifts of creation.

Blessed are we who can take a moment and say, “Thank you, Lord,” for your beauty revealed to us.  Thank you; Thank you; Thank you  …..Amen.

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