Daily Reflection
of Creighton University's Online Ministries
-November 19th, 2009

Carol Zuegner

Journalism Department
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Thursday in the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
1 Maccabees 2:15-29
Psalm 50:1b-2, 5-6, 14-15
Luke 19:41-44

When I first read the readings for today, I thought of sacrifice, of pain, of violence. In the first reading Mattathais rejects the offer of gold and silver, rejects the offer to be one of the king’s friends so he can follow the covenant he has made with the Lord. He holds to this covenant, even resorting to violence before leaving the city. I struggle with trying to make sense of that violence, to read the meaning that God has for us. Keeping my own covenant with God calls for me to keep the faith with zeal. I too am offered metaphorical gold and silver, to stray from the path I should follow. I have to stand up and be willing to make a sacrifice, be willing to be strong in my own covenant with God.

In Luke’s gospel, Jesus weeps for the city of Jerusalem, over what is to come.  He warns of enemies raising palisades against us. The glimpse of Jesus and his sorrow is a powerful picture. As the human story unfolds, there is much to weep about, but we have to keep our covenant with God.

Part of that covenant, it seems to me, is to work for peace and justice in our own lives, in our own sphere. When it seems we can’t do anything about the trouble in our neighborhood, our city, our country, our world, that is the time to remember that peace begins with me. I can say a prayer for those who see violence as the only answer. I can do what I can to make the world a better place, whether through volunteering, helping a neighbor, a friend.

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