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December 3rd, 2009

Rev. Richard Gabuzda

Institute for Priestly Formation
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What Lasts?

Although we speak often about “time going by quickly” and “things changing,” most of us like to think there are some things that endure over time, things that last, things that are solid and can be counted on.

Jesus’ words today provide contrasting images of houses, houses which differ not because of the material from which they have been constructed, not because of their color, height, or any other similar aspect.  The houses differ simply by the material on which they are built:  one on rock, the other on sand.  We imagine that both initially seem to do well, to sit firmly, to be solid.  But, over time, along come rain, floods and winds.  Only the house built on rock survives.

Jesus’ image “speaks,” it tells us of the contrast between the kind of persons who enter the Kingdom of heaven and those who do not.  The ones who do the will of the Father enter.  And who are they?  They are the ones who not only listen to the words of Jesus, but also act on them.

The prayers and scriptures of these early Advent days confront us with the truth of “time going by quickly” and “things changing.”  But they invite us to make the investment of our very lives with the things that last, that are solid, that can be counted on:  the words of Jesus, listened to, but also acted upon.

Perhaps this little rhyme says it well: 

            Soon this one life will be past. 
              Only what’s done for Christ will last!

What in my day today is being done “for Christ”?  There’s the rock!

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