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Dear Jesus,
I feel so strongly the power of your love and of your healing. I see you from my spot in the crowd and watch how you touch and love so many, curing and healing. I am so afraid to ask for healing, to risk your love. But the kindness and warmth in your voice pulls at me and invites me to ask. I look in your kind eyes, and suddenly I am not in a crowd of people but we are alone. You are looking at me and listening with total attention as I ask: Lord, you have the power to make me well if only you want to.

If only you want to. Your love for me is so complete and so deep that healing me is a part of all of that. Your ability to heal me and your love for me are both so complete, if only I can accept that. I feel the warmth of your hand on me, healing the ways I am crippled, loving the ways I am crippled, and inviting me to love my own imperfection.

Now I feel your healing love flooding through me. I feel your strength where I have none and your courage where mine is so lacking. Your healing comes with an invitation: “Join me.” May I join you? Can I stay by your side and continue to feel that love and courage? Help me to be healed from my unbelief. Help me to realize that my being crippled is sometimes a choice I make, a choice that is crippling in itself.

Please, dearest friend and brother, Jesus. Heal me from the many ways I am unable to love and accept others. Heal me from the many ways the pains of my past life create such scars on my ability to care for others. Teach me how to be with you, side by side, healing and caring for people with the love I receive from you. Most of all, teach me how the power of your love can allow me to forgive those you love so much.

I treasure your love for me and your companionship with me in this journey of healing and forgiveness. Thank you for the many ways you love me and heal me.

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