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Advent Email Greetings

Send an Advent Email greeting to a loved one or friend,
and share the resource of the Praying Advent web site
with them as well.

Simply hold down your left mouse button and drag it over
the greeting of your choice to "cut and paste" it into an
email program that handles html. Once you highlight the
greeting, hold down the Ctrl button and hit the letter C
(to copy it) and then with your cursor at the place you
want it in your email, hold down Ctrl again and hit the
letter V (to paste it there). You can change the text to
your favorite font and size. Add whatever personal note
you want and send this special gift this week.


Wishing you a
Blessed Advent!
In these busy days before Christmas, take some time to let the Season of Advent bring some light, hope, freedom and peace to you and your family.
I have found this Praying Advent site very helpful.
I share it hoping that you will, too.


Wishing you a
Blessed Advent!
In these busy days before Christmas, when things can get pretty difficult, let me share a gift that might make slowing down a bit easier. And, I think it can offer some hope and even joy in the weeks ahead. Check out this Praying Advent site I've found helpful..


Wishing you
a Season of Hope
Pope Francis said "Being Church means being God’s people, in accordance with the great plan of his fatherly love. This means that we are to be God’s leaven in the midst of humanity. It means proclaiming and bringing God’s salvation into our world, which often goes astray and needs to be encouraged, given hope and strengthened on the way. The Church must be a place of mercy freely given, where everyone can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel." [The Joy of Gospel, #114]

I have found hope using this Praying Advent site.
I share it hoping that you will, too.

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