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Possible Bulletin Announcments
to tell your congregation about the Praying Advent resources

These bulletin announcements are examples of how your parish or congregation can offer this Advent resource to your parishioners.

Our site can be found simply by Googling “Praying Advent,”
but if you wish to include the actual web address, it is:

Or, include this QR code so people can scan it with their phones and go directly to the site:

Before Advent:

Preparing for Advent
There are a number of outstanding resources for individuals and families to prepare for Advent on the web. Want to know what Advent offers us? Curious about how we can do it better? The “Praying Advent” site, offered by Creighton University's Online Ministries has a number of ways to get us in a state of mind and heart to get ready for Advent. It promises to help us have the best Advent experience ever. Just Google “Praying Advent” to find the site.

On Christ the King Sunday:

Resources for Entering Advent well
The “Praying Advent” website offers many helpful resources for individuals and families who want some help to begin the season of Advent and move through it well. There are a great variety of pages which will address the issues almost anyone is facing. In common sense language the site helps us pray through Advent as we may never have done before. In addition, there is a Daily Prayer for each day of Advent, based upon the Collects of the New Roman Missal. Just Google “Praying Advent” to find the site on the Creighton U. Online Ministries web site.

For the First Sunday of Advent:

Praying Advent website helps our journey
Want some help for the Advent journey? The Praying Advent website offers a Daily Prayer for each day of Advent, based upon the Collects of the New Roman Missal. In addition, there are family Dinner Prayers. Just Google “Praying Advent.” for Advent, help for parents and for people caring for parents. There are even audio reflections and a few audio retreats. All, brief and intended for busy people - to help make our Advent full of grace. Just Google “Praying Advent.”

For the Second Sunday of Advent:

Looking for Help with Advent?
Having a hard time getting started with Advent? Is the business of time getting to you? Help is available on the “Praying Advent” website. Just Google “Praying Advent” and check out the resources which attract you or address some of your questions. Then, try just one “Daily Prayer” for Advent. You'll find yourself grateful for this resource. Just Google “Praying Advent.”


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