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Guide to Daily Prayer
A Help for Using the Daily Advent and Christmas Prayer Pages

We recommend using these Daily Prayer pages, either at night or in the morning.  If we use them at night, we would use the prayer for the upcoming day.  If we use them in the morning, we would use the prayer of that day. 

This kind of prayer can be done alone or with a friend, a spouse, or one's family - sitting in front of the computer for just 10 minutes.  Of course, you may use as many or as few of these options on any given day.

We could begin simply by making the sign of the cross or saying the introduction of the Liturgy of the Hours:
"Lord, open my lips, 
and my mouth shall declare your praise."

The Collect
The Collect is the opening prayer in the Eucharist for that day of Advent or Christmas. It is based on the Opening Prayer of the Mass, which beginning with the First Sunday of Advent in 2011, has been re-translated and in the New Roman Missal and is now called the Collect.  Say the prayer slowly and reflectively.  If it helps, open and extend your hands in prayer as you say the words.

Reading Today's Word
Here we offer a link to the principal reading for today.  In the first part of Advent, we listen to the Hebrew prophets, preparing us for the coming of a Savior.  In the second part, we listen to the story of the coming of Our Lord, from the gospels of Matthew and Luke.
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The Psalm of the Day
Here we offer a link to the Psalm of the day.  The Responsorial Psalm (so named because it has a verse that can be used as a "response" if the psalm is said with another person or persons.) 
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Brief Daily Meditation
This brief meditation is offered as a possible help in shaping our day.
As an additional option, we have placed a link here to the Online Daily Reflection for this day. [ There is a link on each Daily Reflection of Advent and Christmas back to the Daily Prayer. ]

Here we offer a link to a number of prayer petitions from the Liturgy of Hours for the season.
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Closing Prayer
We wrote these prayers to conclude our Daily Advent and Christmas Prayer.

We might want to conclude with one of these final prayers of blessing:

May the all-powerful Lord grant us a restful night and a peaceful death.  Amen.

May the Lord bless us,
protect us from all evil
and bring us to everlasting life.

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