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DemontrevilleThis retreat was given at the Demontreville Jesuit Retreat House near Lake Elmo, Minnesota, April, 2010.

Fr. Jim Kubicki, S.J.

Jim Kubicki, S.J.Fr. Jim Kubicki entered the Jesuits in 1971 and was ordained in 1983.  He gave his first preached retreat in 1986.  Since 2003 he has been the U.S. director of the Apostleship of Prayer. 

He travels the country giving retreats, talks, and parish missions based on the Spiritual Exercises and the Eucharistic spirituality of the Apostleship of Prayer.  This international organization encourages people to grow in their relationship with God through devotion to the Heart of Jesus, to make a daily offering of themselves, and to pray for the Pope's two monthly inentions.

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Talk # 1       Entering into Retreat

Talk # 2       Our Purpose and Goal in Life

Talk # 3       Our End

Talk # 4       Sin Frustrates our Goal

Talk # 5       Hell: the Ultimate Frustration

Talk # 6       Birth of a Savior

Talk # 7       Growing with Jesus

Talk # 8       Entering into the Mind and Heart of Jesus

Talk # 9       Forgiveness of Sins

Talk # 10     Passion and Death of Jesus

Talk # 11     Descent Among the Dead

Talk # 12     Resurrection

Talk # 13    Christ's Abiding Presence

Talk # 14    Our Response to God's Love

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Respond to Fr. Kubicki, S.J.: mailto: jkubicki@jesuitswisprov.org

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