Fifty Creighton Students Took a Bus to Philadelphia to See Pope Francis
Photos from the Trip by Anneke Roy
who sent us photos of the journey

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Students brought strips of cloth on which they wrote whatever struggles they might be having. They tied those strips together in long strand to bring to a shrine of Our Lady of Knots, where they will be untied by someone else who will pray for them. Here they are praying over the knots.

We saw him a second time,
but he was driving faster.

We had dinner and then had night prayer in the Saint Joseph's chapel with a couple of other Jesuit schools who also made the pilgrimage (Georgetown, Marquette, and some st. Joseph's kids too).

The st. Joseph's kids have been very welcoming and provided many resources for us including meals and snacks for tomorrow!!

So we packed up lunch and dinner for tomorrow

and are about to head to bed!

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