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Care for the Caretaker

Be gentle with yourself.

Remind yourself that you are an enabler not a magician. We cannot change everyone else . . . we can only change how we relate to them.

Find a hermit spot. Schedule “withdrawal” periods during the week . . . limit interruptions.

Use it to regenerate.

Give support, encouragement and praise to peers and to coordinator/leaders. Learn to accept it in return.

In the light of all the pain we see, we are bound to feel helpless at times. Admit it without shame.

Caring and being there are sometimes more important than doing.

Learn to recognize the difference between complaining that relieves and complaining that reinforces negative stress.

On the way home, focus on a good thing that occurred during the day.

Be a resource to yourself! Get creative – try new approaches.

Use a buddy system as a source of support, assurance and re-direction.

Avoid “shop talk” when socializing with colleagues.

Say, “I choose” rather than “I should”, “I ought to” or “have to”.

If you never say no . . . what is your “yes” worth?

Aloofness and indifference are far more harmful than admitting an inability to do more.

Laugh, play.

Courtesy, Archdiocese of Omaha, Family Life Office

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