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Operation Rice Bowl:
Concrete Almsgiving at Home

rice bowlMany of us grew up with a simple, concrete Lenten practice: Operation Rice Bowl. A small, cardboard "rice bowl" contribution box became a powerful way for a family to engage in almsgiving during Lent. And, it wasn't just charity. It became a Lenten devotion and a profound way, especially for children, to enter into an experience of solidarity with those who have so much less than we do.

Operation Rice Bowl Today
Today, Operation Rice Bowl can be as relevant and powerful as ever. On our Praying Lent site, we recommend all kinds of ways families can practice Lent at home. Having a "rice bowl" on the kitchen or dining room table can be just what our family needs to make Lent's concrete connection with those in need. Our self-denial become real and for a real purpose - to help us be freer to be for others. It can raise our consciousness to the great needs of others around the world and the connection between us and them.


Operation Rice BowlOperation Rice Bowl is a Lenten program of Catholic Relief Services. Learn more about how to use this Lenten tool at home at

A video about Operation Rice Bowl.

Another video about Operation Rice Bowl.

Of course, any family can use any means which locally makes sense to practice almsgiving in this way.

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