Daily Prayers during Lent

Trouble Returning to the Correct Page with an iPad or iPhone

If you have had a problem with your iPad or iPhone not returning to the correct spot on the Daily Prayer pages, know that it is a common problem with these devices. It doesn't occur on PC browsers.

We have discovered a simple work around to make it easy to solve this issue.

On an iPad:

When you visit a page - for example, Friday after Ash Wednesday - you will be able to visit the Readings and the Daily Reflections for that day. However, when you use the "back button" you will not be returned to Friday after Ash Wednesday, but to the top of that page, i.e., Ash Wednesday. The same thing happens on the other weeks.

A solution:

Touch your finger to the address line.
That will cause the full and proper address to appear.
Touch the GO button on the keyboard which appeared, and you will be taken back to the page you are looking for.

On an iPhone:

Instead of touching the address line, touch the refresh button and hold for a second until the box appears with this message:
Request Desktop Site.”

Touch that button and you will be taken back to the page you are looking for.


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