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Easter Week
March 31 - April 6, 2024

Second Week of Easter
April 7-13 , 2024

Third Week of Easter
April 14-20, 2024

Fourth Week of Easter
April 21-27, 2024

Fifth Week of Easter
April 28 - May 4, 2024

Sixth Week of Easter
May 5-11, 2024

Seventh Week of Easter
May 12-18, 2024

Pentecost Sunday
May 19, 2024

Jesus Is Alive!

An Easter Blessing

Doubting Comes from
Being Out of Communion

Finding Hope in the Easter Season

Our Hope for Everlasting Life

Easter Joy in Everyday Life

Letting Myself Be Reborn

The Servant Girl At Emmaus

Don't Work for Food that Perishes

Feeling Our Hearts Burn With Hope

Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Celebrating the Easter Season

Easter is a seven week season of joy and grace. Starting with the Triduum in Holy Week and ending with Pentecost Sunday, this 50 day season has been called "the radiant center of the liturgical year." We keep celebrating so that we might continue to enter into the meaning of the resurrection and to deepen the way it touches our daily lives.

After Easter Week's resurrection stories, the first reading for the rest of this long and glorious season is from the Acts of the Apostles. Every day we see how Jesus' followers reacted to his death, the challenges to their witness and the unexpected courage that comes to them. John's Gospel is used for the entire Easter Season, the one time of year we can enter into his poetic and layered stories on a daily basis.

Easter only begins with Easter Sunday. These daily prayers and meditations come together to remind us that Jesus is with us. He is not dead, but alive. And, that makes all the difference in the world in how much hope and courage we have, before any struggle, any possible fear of death.

In these 50 days, we are Easter People!


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