Our Service for and with the Poor

This doesn't need to feel out of our reach.  In so many reflective ways, we can make choices to act in solidarity with those for whom we desire to have a special care, and from whom we know we will learn much about faith and trust in God.

Soup kitchen - food pantry
So many people depend upon our charity, in societies that can't yet provide for an equal distribution of our resources, and offer means for a growth in dignity and justice in attaining them.  Imagine if we take some time to research how the poorest of the poor are cared for in our area.  We may want to practice our generosity in preparing food, serving it ourselves or sharing what we have with food pantries that offer daily survival for those in need.  Imagine if we felt inspired to go deeper.  What graces might come to us if we were to go to a meal program and sit with and visit the poor?  What fear would we need to overcome?  What might we learn if we ask how they are getting along?  Or ask them about their faith?  Perhaps we might grow in courage to bring our children or friends. How might we return to our lives with greater freedom and trust?

What else might we do, that fits with our circumstances and the needs around me and in the world?

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