The Spirituality of Pope Francis

Drawing upon his use of the Gospel and the Spiritual Exercises
Given at Newman Holy Spirit Parish, at the University of Hawaii, Menoa Campus, Honolulu, November 18, 19, 20, 2013

by Andy Alexander, S.J. and Maureen McCann Waldron

How the retreat came about.

This parish community was served by Jesuits from the California Province of the Society of Jesus for many years. A little over two years ago, when the Society no Andy and Maureenlonger served the parish, many people continued to desire to nournish their Ignatian identity. We were invited to help with this Ignatian retreat this year. We decided to offer it on the theme of "The Spirituality of Pope Francis."

Two retreat formats.

There is both an mp3 audio format and a video format available. Some may want to download the audio and listen to it on an mp3 player, on a smartphone, or to burn it onto a CD to listen to in the car. See instructions below for downloading the audios.

The video of the talk is also available. Each evening's talk is about an hour.

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Pope FrancisIn preparing the three nights of the retreat, it became clear to us how much of Pope Francis' message is shaped by the Gospel and the movements of the Spiritual Exercise of St. Ignatius. Pope Francis

His message has been as challenging as it is consoling. The media has covered only a portion of Pope Francis' message.


Pope FrancisFrom the time we first saw Pope Francis on the balcony, asking us to pray for him, we knew he would be very special. In this retreat, we examine his words and how they help us grow in our relationship with Jesus. Each evening's presentation ends with time for invidual prayer - you can pause the recording to pray during that time. Then there are helps for praying with each theme the next day.

We share these three presentations to assist us all in hearing his message and in letting his message - the message of the Gospel - become a retreat for us all. May we all grow in a sense of our God's loving mercy for us, in his call to us, and in our mission today to serve those on the margins.

Invited to Believe in God's Love for Us:
- Audio of the First Night - | - Video of the First Night -

Open to Being Drawn Outside of and Beyond Ourselves, for Others:
- Audio of the Second Night - | - Video of the Second Night -

Invited to Follow Jesus in Our Mission Today:
- Audio of the Third Night - | - Video of the Third Night -


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