A Reading Group from around the world breaks open a chapter a week, during Lent, to make this a very special "Lent with Refugees."

A moving journal about the Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda, told by a Jesuit who lived there and tells what he sees and experiences and lets us come to know these special people and their stories.

This site is further blessed by the photographs of Don Doll, S.J. who visited these camps and recorded unforgetable images for us.


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  • Their Sharing
  • Don Doll's photos
  • Reflections Questions for reading the book
  • Sample sections of the book
  • Gary Smith's talk at Creighton U.

A world wide reading group reflects on his powerful book over four weeks, revealing their own spiritual journeys.

A challenging book of reflections about letting our relationship with God be living and personal. It is lovingly written by a Jesuit from India who relies on his Eastern background, his theological formation, and his Ignatian Spirituality to tell stories and ask provocative questions to get us to see what we may never have seen before about our relationship with God.


Visit the Web Site for:

  • Their Sharing
  • Meet our Readers
  • Sample sections of the book
  • Paul Coutinho's talk at Creighton U.

Throughout Lent, our local readers on the Creighton campus shared the graces they have received as they have read Radical Compassion. That sharing is posted on posted on this web page.

The grace we hoped for together?

Through this journey of compassion together we hoped to meet some people on their own terms, to see them through Fr. Gary's eyes, and to learn how to love the very way God loves each of us in our brokenness. It was a journey of great hope and one which lifted our spirits during the Lenten Season.




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