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Don Doll, SJ: My Journey as priest and photographer

Don Doll, SJ


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Don Doll, SJ's talk at Creighton University
October 10, 2012

Fr. Don Doll, S.J.

His work has been featured in National Geographic and eight Day in the Life of… books over the past 50 years. Fr. Doll has lived and worked at Creighton University since 1969. He is a professor of journalism and holds the Charles and Mary Heider Jesuit Chair.

He gave this one hour talk as part of a retrospective of his life's work at the publication of his third and newest book, A Call to Vision, A Jesuit’s Perspective on the World. (See information below to purchase book.)

The book covers 50 years of Fr. Doll’s work and details the story of his 'vocation within a vocation' as a Jesuit Photographer, including his early work with Native Americans, a series on Hospice care and recent photographs of Jesuits working around the world. This latest book is the final in the series that began with Crying for a Vision, (1976) and Vision Quest: Men, Women and Sacred sites of the Sioux Nation (1994.)

New York Times story
on Fr. Don Doll


A Photographer and a Prayer
by James Estrin

While there, [Doll] often prayed before releasing the shutter. “I used to pray that I could really make photographs that portrayed how special they are and something of the empathy they had and that God has for them....”

A Call to Vision:
A Jesuit's Perspective on the World

by Don Doll, S.J.

The 224 page book, published by Creighton University Press and Magis Productions, is available in three editions: soft bound ($60), hard bound ($85) and leather bound ($150) and is available for purchase on his website.


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