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A SimpleYear of Faith Prayer

We give you thanks, O Loving God of us all,
for giving us a relationship with you.

Sometimes we only trust your presence, love and care
at some distance from you.

At times, we live out that relationship in our daily lives
by the way we live gratefully and generously,
with self-sacrificing love for others.

Today we ask you to help us renew our faith
in the bond that you offer us with you.

Let us live today with greater trust in your presence with us,
with a greater sense of our personal mission
which flows from our relationship with you,
and with a greater desire to express our faith in you
through the choices we make today.

Help us with your grace today
to witness our faith
so it might be easier for others to want to know you
and to place their trust in you.

And may our gratitude be expressed in deeds of love
for those closest to us who need our love today
and for those who whose needs cry out to us
throughout the world.

With faith in your fidelity



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