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The Collaborative Ministry Office &
Online Ministries at Creighton University

Maureen McCann Waldron retired from Creighton University, and therefore, the Collaborative Ministry Office, at the end of May, 2016. After 19 years in this ministry, Maureen's contribution to the Collaborative Ministry Office and Creighton's Online Ministries has been tremendous. She co-created, co-developed and co-maintained this ministry. Her spiritual depth, her feminine and compassionate wisdom, her collaborative style and her down to earth gifts for supporting others in life's journey have been a blessing for this ministry.

All our service at Creighton is Ministry.
And when we do it
with a shared vision,
it's Collaborative.


Mission Statement

The Collaborative Ministry Office exists to provide spiritual formation opportunities that strengthen personal and communal growth. Its activities are consistent with the mission of Creighton University to orient and educate the Creighton faculty and staff about the centrality of the Christian, Jesuit mission of the University that includes Ignatian spirituality.

Collaborative Ministry Office Goals

  • To introduce new personnel to the mission and identity of Creighton University. 
  • To offer continuing education programs for faculty and staff which foster ownership of the mission of Creighton.
  • To build a community of faculty and staff who are committed to the mission of Creighton. 
  • To be a catalyst for and of service to other individuals and groups at Creighton in their efforts to further Creighton's  mission. 
  • To encourage personal and group spiritual formation. 
Our Programs
  • New Staff, New Faculty Orientations

  • Spirituality Plus Lunches

  • Programs requested by Departments

  • Other Programs on the Jesuit Mission and Identity 
    of Creighton.

  • An Online Ministries web site 
    to support our faculty and staff, 

    used by people around the would.

Union of Minds and HeartsCelebrating the Spiritual Roots of Creighton University

- An Introduction in the form of essays about our history and our tradition.


Contact Us

Andy Alexander, S.J.


The Collaborative Ministry Office
Creighton Hall, Room 132


Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE  68178

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