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Dear Lord,
I feel your invitation so deeply. I sit with it quietly, and I recognize the longing for something unanswered in my life and realize that your gentle invitation is the answer.

I know. I feel you calling me, inviting me, offering to fill the empty longing I so often try to ignore. The emptiness that is hidden so deeply inside of me is where you belong, loving God, where I belong with you. How is it that this invitation from you is so personal to me and so clearly addressed to me? Of course, my answer to you is yes. How can it not be, after the faithfulness and love you have shown to me in my life?

I don’t know where my yes will take me. Your invitation is gentle, not the fear filled one I fretted over. You are somehow asking me to change the focus of my life and, in doing that, to be more of myself than I am now. I get a little afraid when I wonder where this will take me and how this could change my life. But somehow, I know if I answer, I will become more of what you created me to be. I will become more my real, authentic self.

I am beginning to understand, my Lord, that it isn’t the results of my yes that are important. It is my yes. It is the deep desire I have to be with you, to follow you, and to serve you in any way you present to me.

I long to have the real desire to surrender myself so completely to this yes and to you. Help me, Lord, not to hold back in my yes. Let me cling to your hand, not to my fears.

“For all that has been, Thanks. For all that is to be, Yes.”

Yes, Lord. Here I am. Yes. YES!

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