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Dear Jesus,
Can it be real? Is this really you standing here in front of me? I watched from the foot of the cross as you suffered so incredibly and now, here you are in the garden, calling my name! Yes, Jesus, I am here with you! You are here! You are alive!

We hug and laugh and say nothing intelligible — just sounds of joy and awe. You are alive! I stop for a minute, thinking I am dreaming, but then I look into your eyes. Oh, my dear, dear friend, you have been raised from the dead. I will have you in my life!

There was such a loss when I saw you die but now, standing in this garden, you put your hands on my shoulder and look into my eyes again. We will not be apart anymore. “I will be with you always,” you say to me and from deep in my heart, I can feel it.

Yes, you will be with me. I will stay with you. Together, Jesus, we will always be together! You are alive. You are here and then you hug me so gently and tell me you will see me later. There is no pang as you leave, no fear that you will not return. I feel your life so deeply within me in an odd, vivid way. It’s joy and energy and a whole new way of being, of living, and of seeing the world. You are alive, my Jesus! Thank you for being in my life in such a deep way. Thank you for being my life.

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