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Dear Lord,
It makes no sense. How is it that I can look back over my sins, my failings, and my faults and still be so aware of your love for me? Don’t you ever get tired because I so often fail to love you and others as you would want?

But there it is: the love and the mercy. I have this image of the prodigal son trudging up the road, reciting his apology, nervous and anxious and looking up to see his father running down the road with his arms held wide. What strikes me is the joy in the father as he runs toward his son. I sense your joy in me as you welcome me and take me into your arms. I can tell that you have been out on the road every night waiting and waiting for my return with such vast love in your heart.

That’s a wonderful feeling! I know I started by saying it made no sense but that’s only because I’m trying to think of you loving in the same limited way I love. The photo touches me because it is such a human face of love and emotion. I see the warm, loving mother holding her daughter so tightly and I think of you, dear God and the depth of your love for me. Thank you so much for the depth of your love. It is so all encompassing and I can take joy in it, relish it, and feel its comforting and secure warmth and strength.

Help me to carry this love throughout my week. Help me to really believe this love and not to listen to the voice inside me that tells me I’m no good and not worthy of your love.

Let me sit in silence with this love. Let me feel it enter into me, warm me. Let me receive your love, and let it surround me in your loving embrace. I am so grateful for this gift. I know I am unworthy of it and that makes it even more precious. Your love for me is so deep and vast despite the fact that you know me so well, with all of my flaws.

Thank you, Lord, for this gift of forgiveness and love. May I live this week always aware in the background of my days of your personal love for me.
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