Some Practical Help for Getting Started This Week

For Week 3, our perspective changes. Notice the dramatic view in this week’s photo. It gives us a picture of how to get started with this week.

It’s about perspective. This week, we will try to step back and see the whole view of ourselves in creation. So, throughout the week, let that picture of an expanding view of our world help us with perspective. This week, try not to let anything become too big and mess up our perspective.

It’s about purpose. Concrete focusing can help greatly. Throughout the week, think of what things are for. We know what our coffee cup is for, what the toaster is for, what paper clips are for, what the telephone is for. As we consciously focus on the purpose that everything in our lives has, we will gradually feel the growing power of the words of Ignatius. It’s all here for the purpose of helping me attain the end for which I was created.

Remember what we are practicing. We want to grow in the ability to find, see, experience, some connection with God in all things — and right in the midst of our busyness. So, we keep focused on practicing the use of the background times each day. Perhaps this week I can especially focus on going to places. So, on the way — to a meeting, to the restroom, to my lunch, to my car — I will consciously reflect on my purpose. With practice, I can situate myself, in a brief few moments, on that overview site from the photo. En route to the restroom, in my mind I’ll be sitting on one of those chairs and looking out, thinking, I was created, as part of this whole vast creation, for the one purpose of praising, reverencing, and serving you, Lord.

Remember the other helps from past weeks. Naming graces is important. Saying thank you is critical. Try to say it — what is it that I’m receiving this week? “Lord, thank you for showing me the big picture.” “Lord, thank you for reminding me about your desires for me.”

Remember our bodies. What posture best says what I want to express? For example, I may imagine myself standing on that overlook in the photo and raising my arms up in praise. Then, perhaps, when I get out of bed and when I am ready to get into bed, I can raise my arms in praise that way, for only a moment. Or, maybe, as I look out over that vista, I imagine feeling drawn to kneel in awe before this God who is so much grander than I ever let God be. Perhaps I can kneel at the side of my bed for a brief moment. Or maybe I will imagine myself sitting on one of those chairs looking out at this creation, and I just open my hands on my lap, symbolizing my openness to be of service, as I am called. Then, perhaps, when I begin work each day, I might lay my open hands on my desk, or kitchen counter, for just a moment. These are powerful gestures that help us interiorize what we are expressing with our bodies — and they take only a few moments.

Remember to make use of the readings and prayers.

We are just beginning to see what God can do with our openness and trust.

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