Praying In The Background Of My Life

In particular the background pic where they show a man and a woman half naked with their hands at their backs.  Torture. I pity the families especially the mothers who until now have been looking for their loved one who have mysteriously disappeared from sight.  That's torture.  I learn to include them in my prayers.

After three years, I am completely aware of when my background thoughts travel to places of fear and anxiety and changing my background thoughts to this retreat has changed my life.  It has changed my responsiveness to other people.  In an instant, I'm more open and less self-centered when someone addresses me.  This alone helps me find intimacy with others and so God.

It keeps me focused on God--powerful tool.

I had good days and bad days, but I feel as though I have greatly improved in the last few weeks.  I had an extremely difficult time with this because I have four young children and my husband works at home most of the time.  But I have discovered how to find that peace more and more often throughout my day and become more consistently aware of God's presence despite all the distractions.  This will help me tremendously after this retreat!

I tried to think about it whenever I had a "free" moment.  Some weeks were easier than others.  The sharings helped tremendously with this.

Most of my reflection was in the morning and evening.  I was able to concentrate more at these times.  However, I am going to continue to try to work on reflecting during background time throughout my day.  I need to pick some times that will work each day and try to stick to them.

The background times are helpful but sometimes I lost them during the day and then remember them again just before I go to bed.

I was able to use the background times in the middle of my day for reflections somewhat frequently.  I was also able to use the backgound times during times of stress during the day.  I was not so good in the early morning or late evening.  I seemed to have days when I felt I had to hit the ground running and usually fell into bed exhausted at night and fell asleep immediately.

Very successful once it became a habit. I listen to my beautiful songs of worship and praise in all my car travels. I pray and ponder throughout the day with ease.

The retreat has basically helped me keep a constant and sustainable prayer life and relationship with God. The background times were not as successful as I had hope for but it is a start and will continue even after this retreat

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