How Did I Hear About This Retreat?

I heard about an Ignatious Retreat from our Sunday buletin.  I looked on line and found this site.  This is such a wonderful resource.  I use it daily and stay on a subject for a week.  It is very powerful.  It has changed me; it has changed the way I veiw the Bible.

I read your ad in either America or Commonweal.

I saw a note in our parish bulletin for the retreat to be guided by the St. Agnes Medical Center Spiritual Care Center in Fresno.  I had been unable to attend church since my husband started hospice, and although we receive communion at home, I had been looking for a way to grow spiritually.


A Pen Pal told me about it, so we discussed it in our letters.

I use Creighton's reflections daily. I found this site from a website maintained by St. Monica in Indianapolis.

I found you from EWTN and searching for Jesuit help.

I am grateful that my friend tood me about this site It was a big step in the right direction which I needed very much

The local Roman Catholic priest introduced me to this Retreat. I passed information about it along to a number of people in my congregation and family.

My sister recommended the retreat and so it united us a little more in our prayer lives together.

I came to your website through Sacred Space ( and would go to your daily reflection to close my prayer time.

I found out about this retreat from our pasish bulletin.

I learned about it through the magazine America.

I read about your retreat in a newsletter by the Manresa Jesuit Retreat house in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

A close neighbor recommended the program to me originally and we ocassionally discussed what we had learned on that particular day

I came to your site after visiting Sacred Space (

I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart that you have this site. It has been a God send. Actually that is literal statement as I don't remember how I came to find you!

A Jesuit Preist at St Ignatius Parish (Baltimore, MD) told my cousin about reteat and site.

Just by chance came across the retreat. It has awakeend my interest in theExercises and made me want to do the retreat . I liked the resources a lot. I will tell others about the Retreat. Great idea.

I am very thankful to Fr. John Delclos,from Baltimore, who suggested this retreat.  Having made many retreats I am  always amazed at how much I benefit from each experience.  Life truly is a journey, and we never know exactly where it is going to take us.

My spiritual director prepared me for God's call to these exercises by asking me to read the life of Ignatius, then showing me an article in the National Catholic Reporter about these retreats

I stumbled into this retreat, as I have been surfing Catholic sites daily for over five years. 

I read of the retreat in the Los Angeles Times several months ago. Since that time I have encouraged a few other people who I thought would be interested to look into the retreat. 

I learned about this online retreat through an article about St. Ignatius in the Los Angeles Times. 

I participated in a guided retreat of eleven days last summer. It was very meanful and deep experience to me. When I came home, I was longing to have something like that more. So I tried to find suitable sited from internet. After a couple of days I found your site. At first I knew that this was what I needed.  I said to my spiritual director that "this is best that has happened to me for a long time." 

I found the retreat site via The Tablet the English magazine and its Internet advice page. 

My spiritual director just told me that your site was something I might want to check out and I did.

Recommended to this site by a Jesuit friend here in Australia.

I read about the retreat in [the National Catholic Reporter] and began using the retreat material during Holy Week.

I learned of the Retreat from a flyer sent to our Jesuit parish and included in the parish bulletin.

I heard about the retreat on EWTN, Catholic Family Radio.

Our pastor was the one who told us about the retreat.

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