How Did I Make This Retreat?

This is my third consecutive year on this retreat.  This year, I used the first three parts/resources and the readings almost every week.  The three options - weekly guide, help to get started, and for the journey - helped me pray when I didn't know where to go with just one.  I like how easy it is to read the scriptures by clicking on the "some readings" page.

How I heard about the retreat:

My wife and I began the retreat at the same time.  We shared reflections and shared experiences of how the retreat affected our day.  She shared in other ways with more people.

I did it alone with my spiritual director.

I shared what was happening with my spiritual director about once a month.  I think I am sharing it with others in the way I live.

I shared my retreat with others on Facebook and shared details of it in conversation with close friends who were open to it.

I did share it with others.  I gave out the web address to some.  I discussed the sharings with some-they make the Bible come alive,  I love the "you were there" way of getting into the action of the Bible and making it real for today.

The Guide, Getting Started, For the Journey, and In These or Similar Words were great.  I used each of them every week.  Many weeks I put on my Ipod and listened to them at least 4 times during the week.  Some of the weeks I read this material either online or by the book that accompanied the retreat.  Also, some weeks I downloaded the readings and the Gospels for the entire week and listened to them while driving.  I also used the daily reflections but not a lot.  Probably about 30% of the time.  I found all of these resources extremely helpful.

I used the mp3 version of the retreat on Monday and Saturday during my daily one hour walk and excersize.  Each Sunday I wrote my thoughts and prayers in a retreat journal using the weekly resources.

This is my second time around with the retreat. The first I just randomly started it and then I went with the liturgical schedule. Although it is the same material, the Lord spoke to me differently each time.

I started the retreat by gathering a group of 6 others and in the first 3 months, I shared weekly via e-mail and provided the link for the next week and encouragement to get the others to share.

I am a stay at home mom and I find that something as simple as a small candle in my kitchen or using the weekly picture as my screen saver was a good reminder for me to reflect.

I made it alone, but sometimes I shared with closed friends some thoughts and i think some of them are considering on following this retreat too I made it alone, but sometimes I shared with closed friends some thoughts and I think some of them are considering on following this retreat too.

There was a large group, broken down into several smaller groups, with a spiritual leader assigned to each.  We met each month to discuss the retreat & other subjects pertaining to it.  We also had the option of sharing our thoughts & ideas with our group or any others we wanted.

For the most part, I used the weekly resources every day.  I read a little at a time, & highlighted the sections that I felt were most pertinent to me.  If there were questions, I answered them as I felt necessary.

There were ten of us, including the Pastor and another Jesuit Priest,  at St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel, who met every other week to share about the retreat.

I loved the weekly screen savers.  They served as reminders to me of the retreat, and of the ideas I was working with at the moment.

I talk to God and Mother Mary often during the day, and I often thought about the scenes from the materials or thoughts that had occurred to me during my time of reflection.

I for the most part, used the materials every day.  I would reread them every day and do my contemplations in between the readings and throughout the day.

We were a group of 5, including 2 clergy.  We met each week, faithfully.  In addtion, for awhile, we had some outside spiritual direction.  I didn't find this useful, as we were each other's support during this time.  We printed off the materials from the online retreat and stayed with this each week.  Since my husband was in the retreat also, we also shared often about what we were experiencing. 

I belonged to a small retreat group at the church.  We used these materials exclusively.  I personally used these materials everyday--rarely missing a day.  The resources were very helpful,  I felt that they became more helpful as the retreat went on. I spent an hour every morning in retreat--reading, prayer, meditation, using these materials.

My husband and I made the retreat toghether although after the first few weeks we did not share as much but did prayer and contemplate each day.

I have not printed out the retreat material. I keep the page open on my computer at all times and try to remember to look at it duringthe day. It is one of several windows that I keep open at all times. Unfortunately for me it has not yet become the most important window that I keep open. I hope that it will become my most important window when I return to full time teaching this fall

I used the materail on a daily basis each week. I found the readings and getting started for the week to be very helpful. This is the second time that I have made the retreat and have found it be even better the second time.

A group from our parish, including two of our priests, met regularly (about every 2-to-3 weeks) to discuss our reaction and spiritual growth since last September. I recommended it to a former student of mine, now a physician, who is interested in starting next Fall.

We began the exercises together last September.  We were encouraged to meet privately with a Spiritual Director (in my case who is also in the group).  Then, in our regular meetings, which were bi-weekly, we would share in the ways the Lord was working in our lives over those two weeks in relation to the week's reflections.  It has been an inspirational year for us.  It has led us to deeper prayer and now discernment on how our group will move on from here - our mission.  We find ourselves led to inviting others in our parish community to gather with us for prayer and for those who are called, to assist others in forming small groups for prayer and faith sharing.  Some in among us feel called to more active service on issues of social justice.

I used the resources weekly, in some cases daily.  Occasionally, time would get away from me, and I'd miss a week, but then I'd catch up - often by listening to the reflections on my ipod while driving to work. By listening to a reflection a few times, it would stay with me.

I use the Daily Reflection in my daily prayers along with the Online Retreat.

I enjoyed the experience of doing the Spriritual Exercises in a group setting as the sharing and prayer expanded my own view, outlook and awareness.

I made it alone. I have a three-inch three-ring notebook into which I placed each week's material and at the back of the notebook I have my reflections for 1. What am I asking this day and 2. For what am I grateful.  I read this material first thing every morning and made my notes. Now I will go through all of it and pull out those few pieces that I will use regularly for the next weeks, months, years.

A group of us met twice a month for one hour to discuss what we had experienced.  Sharing others' stories gave the whole retreat varied perspective and for me, anyway, greater substance than if I had not had the opportunity for discussion.

I used the materials each week. The resources were most helpful - I listened to the retreat on my iPod and set the photographs on my desktop.

Our church group, which included about a dozen people, met approximately twice a month.  Two Jesuit priests started in our group.  During busy months we met once a month.  People did miss some sessions.  Some dropped out, but we are all coming back for a final get together with food. 

I shared my reactions to each week's lesson with one friend by email each Saturday. This kept me on board and on task. Her reflections often differed much from mine, enriching my experience. I also recommended the retreat to several friends. One is doing it alone at this time.

I used the retreat material every day and attended a group meeting at my parish on Friday mornings. The resources were extremely helpful and everyone had different insights and the friendships we made will continue on.

A group of 5 women met with a religious sister every Friday morning to discuss the lessons and receive new information. It was a wonderful learning and sharing experience. Everyone had different insights and the friendships we made will continue on.

I used the retreat material every day and attended a group meeting at my parish on Friday mornings. The resources were extremely helpful

On one occasion, I wrote the suggestions for morning and night on Post-It Notes and posted them in my room. I found journaling my thoughts on the "Reflections" a great help. It led me to a deeper understanding of what was presented.

I pretty faithfully used all the helps given each week. The other resources, such as the daily reflections were very helpful as well. I am a teacher and appreciated what the students wrote. The retreat was my main prayer focus every week.

I try to use the early morning for reflection daily. I also do most of my praying while driving to activities or taking a daily walk. I really liked the photos. They were instant mental snapshots that focused me on the message for the week. I was able to do this retreat with an electronic partner. This is a woman in my home parish who livss 40 miles from me and who I see infrequently. Having a partner to whom I wrote a weekly reflection really kept me on track. I know that I wouldn't have completed the 34 weeks without the knowledge that I was accountable to her. She was a tremendous grace to me.

I have 3 large 3-ring binders of every weeks material, with tabs for each week. One binder has just Advent & Lent material. I greatly appreciated the "Printer Friendly" pages! Any other material, i.e. Daily Reflections, that really were meaningful to me, I printed & put in the pockets of the folders.

I shared my experiences with my spiritual advisor on a regular basis. I shared some of my experiences with co-workers, friends and family.

I did not make it with a group but did share it a little with at least one of my daughters and others.

I would print out the daily readings and refer to it during my weekly hour of perpetual adoration.

I have made it on my own, but having a spritual director whom I have e-mailed, sharing graces and asking questions. I really wanted to meet her in person more often than I did.

My use of background times as suggested worked when I specifically put thoughts in - and worked best when I took a walk. These dircted thoughts became prayed sessions. And I enjoyed such times.

I had the support of a spiritual director, a priest trained in Ignatius spirituality, from the archdioceses of Perth, Western Australia. I met with him each 2 or 3 weeks.

I printed the materails for the last two weeks only. I did find the PDF pages helpful. I also downloaded the retreat to my PDA.

I was doing the retreat alone until week 8, when I felt the need to share my thoughts and for some guidance and support. I connected with the Ignatian Spirituality Centre in Adelaide and have been meeting up with Stephanie Brabin regularly since and her companionship and guidance during this journey has been invaluable.

I used selected weekly materials extensively by listening and by printing and re-reading in order to pray more slowly and thoughtfully. The materials were wonderful for me, providing substance and continuity yet allowing freedom for personal prayer. I appreciated the gentle voices that read the material.

I have sent about four or five sharing emails to you, and will probably send one more in the next week or so. The sharings are a help, to see a greater perspective in the guide as well as to just know what others think about a subject week.

I made the retreat with our Christian Service Coordinators as a leader with a small group. We shared a lot of our faith experience, etc.

I made the retreat with a group of people and we exchanged insights

At the beginning of a week I would read through the material for that week and use it for my prayer. I would highlight those sections that moved me. Each day I would review all the material but spend most of my time on the highlighted section that my attention was drawn to.

I did the retreat alone, but during my bi-monthly session with a spiritual director, I have reviewed the process and interacted with her about it.

I've really taken my time but I also journaled along with the weekly meditations. I did use the lesson for prayer each week. The response to the questions along with my journaling helped me to find intimacy with God. It made me stop long enough to focus on the lesson for the week or to recognize that God was there.

I have made it on my own, but having a spritual director whom I have e-mailed, sharing graces and asking questions. I really wanted to meet her in person more.

I have printed out all of the retreat matierals and found "printer friendly" very useful for that. I have also listen on severel mp3-files.

My sister (who lives in Canada) and I would meet regularly by telephone to share our experiences each Monday at a designated time. We had a set agenda of beginning with prayer and then rotated each week with one of us beginning with a brief overview of our experience for the week followed by the other sharing. This worked very well for us and we learned from each other's insight and experience.

I was part of a group that met weekly to share out thoughts and the way the Lord was moving for each of us. Hearing what other people said helped me with fresh ideas and blessed me.

I shared a lot with my RCIA group and with my children.

I started writting a weekly reflection, during the first week I draw a table of all the years I have lived and identified on it when I was closed or far from Jesus, when the milestones such as graduating from high school, college, meeting my future wife, marrying, etc. It brought a lot of memories and helped to realise that even when I felt away from Jesus he has been with me always.

I shared it with my men's prayer group in Beijing. I also helped organize a men's retreat based on gospel contemplation.

I did my readings first thing in the morning before going to work. It made my days go by more smoothly and gave me the graces to be more patient with my co-workers.

I used the retreat material extensively and I found them all very helpful. I referred to it each day to remind myself of the focus for the week and to allow God's Spirit to speak to me through the material. The "In these or similar words" so often spoke to me of my response.

I used the recorded MP3 format, and listened to each week's material every day on my way to work. I found that listening to it every day times I picked up things that I missed the day before. I found background times quite tough to work with. I could not just switch my mind from what I was doing to the retreat material in between meetings. I did however create a reminder at 3:00PM in my MS Outlook calendar to say a short prayer each day. And that worked for me. This is likely a personality "thing".

I would share things with my husband and daugters. I also visited the sharings on line. Sometimes when I was stuck it was helpful to read what others were receiving that week. I also shared on line a few times

I used the retreat material for pray each week and was almost always faithful to daily reflection and prayer the material. I found the resources very helpful in learning things about Jesus that I would have never considered before. Especially pondering the years where there is nothing written about him.

Some weeks were easier than others to reflect upon during the week. Those that were helpful did bring a greater intimacy with God--especially as I learned to use my imagination to put myself in the scene and be there with my God. This is the fourth time I have made this retreat and I must say, that with the Spiritual Director's help, I gained so much more that ever before.

I used the material more intensively than extensively because I used it mostly for inspiration.

I am a Sister of St. Joseph and so the St. Ignatius and the Exercises have been an important part of my life for 30 years. I made my first 19th Annotation Retreat in Brentwood about 25 years ago and have always felt like this is the way I am called to live my life. I made a 30 Day Directed Retreat in 1996. I had been using Gene Merz book "Moment by Moment" - many times! I had just come to the point where I was searching, when someone told me about the online retreat. I read every word, and used every single weekly resource you offered. I prayed with those reading every day and worked with my Spiritual Director as I moved through them. They have formed my life completely since Sept. 17th when I began and I don't know what I am going to do when I get to Week 34!! Perhaps I will do reviews until September!

I used it each week, and I tried to read all of the different resources and prayers/readings included. I found the introductory parts, and especially the "Dear Jesus" to be the most helpful to me.

I used all the guides, the photos, readings and prayers every week. I read part of them each day of the week, and they helped me stay focused on the week's lesson.

Every day during my prayer time I would review the materials for that particular week. At the beginning of the week, I would highlight things that "jumped out at me", then during each day, I would review the highlighted areas. It helped me to stay focused and see where the Holy Spirit was leading me. The materials also helped keep the subject in focus for the background times.

The retreat materials were a basis for my weekly/daily prayer. I found them to be very helpful. At times, when the 'retreat' seemed harder, they provided an anchoring to hold fast to ans just keep going.

I was able to follow almost weekly. Saturdays, I would go through readings, most of the material. It would often be a real change from the week before that I would immediately have some response, or some thoughts to carry through the week. The desktop picture brought it back to me often during the week. I enjoyed reading the sharings and the many different ways God was with people. I particularly followed Nell from Tweed. She was so open. She was a blessing.

I often copied the resources and carried them in my calendar to reflect on them. I spend time with God in silent prayer and I feel God's closeness.

I setup a web site to bring together a group of fellow bloggers who were interested in taking the retreat. We began with 30 and ended with a couple active participants. I also setup a discussion board for us to share our thoughts along the way.

I did this retreat with 2 other faith sharing women on-line and we'd share our reflections every week with each other.

I am much more aware and grateful for the wonderful abiding love of my God.

It's given me a focus, and I find myself reflecting on it daily, and returning to it for strength and focus.

I have been taught that Jesus is REAL - at his birth, ministy, death, rising from the dead and still with us now!

I'm more conscious of trying to find where I can show compassion, helpfulness, and forgiveness.

The retreat has made me thankful for what I have and helped me to find ways to help others that are less fortunate.

I made the retreat alone... however, I found that I shared the insights and graces with those I taught and with friends.

I made the retreat with my husband. He's Methodist and I'm Catholic. It was a nice way to do something together in faith.

I tried to do the retreat by myself, but I stayed with it only a couple of weeks. In August, I prayed to God, "Please help me find some people to take this retreat with." Following this prayer, with trust that He would lead me, I called everyone who's name came to me. With no trouble at all, 10 people expressed interest. Evenually the number in our group settled at 8, which has been perfect. We have all grown in friendship, though, and plan to continue to meet together weekly for faith sharing, and spiritual reading. Each of us have been very happy we did this.

We had a group of 7 women who "made" this retreat from the beginning. We ussed your readings and reflections each week for prayer and once a week for the beginning point of our discussion.

I did this retreat with a group at my church. We met about every 4- 6 weeks to discuss graces we have received and to help us get through the 'tough" parts.

I also lead a contemplation at our mission retreat this year. I have found that experience to be completely satisfying and exhilerating. All of these groups have been multi-cultural, including Europeans and Africans (I live in Uganda).

I used in the materials almost daily for the entire retreat. I especially liked that all the materials were accessible; I didn't have to turn to the passage in my bible, it was all there. I found the getting started pages very helpful, especially early on. For the journey usually provided a deeper insight for me. I was encouraged by the sharing and shared myself. I found the prayers extended my prayer vocabulary and often gave voice to my inner thoughts.

I tried to go over the retreat material every single day. Yes, I guess I did use it for prayer. Of the weekly resources, my favorite was "In These or Similar Words" because it seemed to be a personal response to and from Jesus. I shared the retreat only with a young priest who became my director during these weeks. I don't think I would have completed the 34 weeks without his guidance and encouragement.

As mentioned above, I shared the retreat with my spiritual director, my wife and when there was any discussion regarding the days readings, I was able to contribute more than I ever have in the past.

I am a deacon in our Catholic Church. I have used the retreat in connection with the liturgical year and homilies. They have been a good insight as how to bring Gods's love and intimacy out for the people of God to better grasp. I am also involved in the RCIA process. Starting with the feaast of The Triumph of the True Cross was extremely powerful because as the people begin the journey into our church they are signed on all senses with the sign of the cross. I have completed the 34 weeks a few years back and attempted to do so on other occasions. This time I printed each one out, reflected on them and then journaled on them. T he journaling was a big asset as i could reflect back as to my progress. Going from lent to the triduum, to easter season with the final weeks were awesome.

Every week a small group of us gathered at our church after mass on Sunday, shared our reflections, prayed together and prepared for the next week.

I met monthly with my spiritual director, who made the retreat with me, to discuss what had happened during the retreat.

We met every other week to discuss the retreat. The Sister who led the discussion was a great help in keeping everything in focus. As a Lutheran, I gained a better understanding of the richness of the Mother church.

Each week I basically followed the same format. I printed out all of the materials for every week early on in the Retreat. Then each Monday, I would read through all of the resources for the week - including the Readings and Prayers. I would usually only refer back to the materials during the week if we were asked to do so during the week or if I wanted a refresher on the focus for the week. I would keep the photo for the week on top so that I could look at it during various times. Then on Sunday evening or on Monday of the following week, I would read through all the resources for the week again - including the Readings and Prayers and then I would be ready to begin the next week with that Monday. I usually prayed each set of Prayers at the beginning and end of the week.

I made this retreat becuase I am now living far away from my former faith communities and am isolated. The internet is my contact with the "outside world".

The retreat materials were most useful and beneficial to prayer, contemplation, and spiritual growth . I loved the resources,and found much insight and help by reading and re-reading them. The wonderful writings and insights of Father Gillick, were very helpful and a blessing to me. I loved the prayers, and some struck a chord more than others, but all were used. I really loved the photography and art work;the photographs were part of my prayer and contemplaton.

My husband & I are in a C.L.C group of 10 people & we have been doing this retreat for some time. We only meet once a fortnight but found it very helpful.

I used all of the materials weekly, and usually accessed one or more of them each day. The "In these or similar words" section was often most helpful in connecting the theme of the week to my life. I also used the readings for most weeks to develop decades for meditation with my daily Rosary.

I've been using every week, since last May, with a spiritual director (over last summer we met less often) familiar with Ignatian spirituality; she has used this website before. I always read all sections (except prayers), and most every week found at least one insight I needed. I was pretty faithful to the scriptures recommended--I'm an Episcopal priest preparing weekly sermons too, so sometimes I prayed the sunday lessons instead but usually both.

I shared some of my reflections by way of e-mail and with friends at a message board.

I used it extensively, I made a copy of the week readings and reflections and I place them in a binder. My friend and I did the retreat together, we would get together once a week to discuss the experience. It was wonderful.

I would read through the guide for each week every day to help me focus upon the process. I especially found the "For the Journey" very helpful and the "Getting Started" as it elaborated on the opening page very well.

I would print out the material each week on Saturday. I would underline the things I wanted to remember for the week, and I looked at these every day. The weekly resources were great and very helpful.

The materials were a jumping off point each week. I looked over them at the beginning, went to the suggested scriptures, but often found that God led in other directions. Sharing weekly with a director was extremely beneficial

I used it for my own personal prayer, and at the same time as the basis for directing another in her spiritrual life.

I began this set of exercises as both a spiritual retreat and a Bible study. I am a seminary student taking an advanced preaching class. I was looking for a methodology to engage more fully with scripture. I found it here and am very grateful.

There were 4 of us who gathered for dinner and sharing of the materials approx every 2 wks. If we had to miss a session, we found that we really REALLY missed each other and our sharing. It is a very worthwhile experience and although we are from different circumstances, we all agreed that this retreat has made an extreme difference in each of us. We could recognize that fact in each other as well as within ourselves.

I made the retreat with 3 Presbyterian colleagues -- all in differing ministry positions (I was the only parish pastor). We met twice a month for 75 minutes of prayer and sharing.

Extensively--every day of every week. Yes, used for prayer, especially at the start of each week since my scheduled weekly Perpetual Adoration hour was, conveniently, on Monday mornings. So I started each week by going through the whole retreat material for that week on Monday morning and then referring to it throughout the week.

Every morninh at 5AM before I went to work I used your daily reflections and retreat to atart my day. It gave me peace. I always used your daily reflecions. The retreat helped me through the more difficult times this year. I always knew God has been with me, but the retreat made it more clear. Thank you.

I made it with an e-sharing group set up by Creighton. Even though I was hesitant at first and rather shocked when I realized the sharing wasn't going to be totally anonymous, I found this part of the retreat experience very helpful. Knowing that others were praying with me and experiencing some of the same difficulties gave me hope. I was often awed by the goodness of God as I saw the pouring out of grace into my companions' lives. The consistent weekly encouragement from Andy and Maureen made it so much easier and helped me to focus on the graces I needed to ask for.

I found myself using almost all of the weekly materials as all of this was so new to me and gave me something to focus on. I did not have much of a prayer life to speak of before this retreat. I found
the section, In These and Similar Words, very helpful as the prayer so often expressed what I was feeling. Eventually I was able to use this part as a springboard and could fill in the suggested prayer with parts of my life and my concerns and experiences. Also, the individual prayers were helpful to me and I found myself returning to them weeks later.

I used it daily. I met with another woman once a week and we shared our responses to the readings, and retreat materials. We shared our challenges and our growth.

I did the retreat along with two other"spiritual friends". We'd meet every saturday at seven am for coffee, while our family was sleeping or slowing arising before soccer saturdays began. We would use the weekly info., printing out the friendly format and I would also use the readings and prayers. These meetings really assisted us as we would view the weeks graces differently among the three of us. It helped us to challenge eachother and to see all of lives activities as God incidences and no tco-incidences. We wwere a support to eachother and recommended others to join us, but realized three person was a fantastic, balanced number for a group discussion.

I ran off the materials each and every week. I have 4 notebooks filled with your retreat materials. Each and every section of the retreat was important to me: The Getting Started, For the Journey, In These or Similar Words, the Daily Reflections, The Readings, and the Prayers--each part was effective, thought-provoking and stimulating. I looked forward each Monday to receiving the email intro for the Week from Maureen and Andy. They have a natural ability to find just the right words to get us going and keep us going on the retreat. I joined the retreat online sharing group in September. That is what was the "icing on the cake". I live in a small midwestern town and we do not have any faith sharing groups in our parish. While we have a few adult ed classs for a few weeks a year it doesn't lend itself to heartfelt sharing. The online sharing group became "friends" so that we felt comfortable enough to share our thoughts in a safe forum. I also shared this retreat with my friends and pastor.

This wonderful online retreat has been part of my everyday life since I started it in September. I used all available materials and the weekly resources are fantastic. As a working-40-hours-per-week-outside-the-home-wife and mom, I was limited in the time I could regularly commit. But it would have been so easy and natural to reflect and follow the links a couple of hours per day. Weekdays I managed to be at our home computer about 20 minutes a day and on weekends about an hour.

My husband and I have made this retreat since week 1. We begin on Sunday evenings and read the prayers and reflections throughout the week together. Often we sit and share our thoughts with one another. This retreat has deepened our love for Jesus and one another. Many times throughout the day I would find myself imaging the background reflections. This was extremely helpful me throughout the retreat.

I did read the materials every week, even though I did not participate in the sharing each week. I felt very connected to the entire group, knowing we all had the same "jumping off" point for our weekly journey. The retreat materials were an integral part of not only my background each day, but very frequently right there in the forefront. I found myself relating the materials to every aspect of my life -- driving, working, praying, standing in line. I printed the materials and carried them with me in my car. When stuck in traffic, I re-read them; I actually looked forward to traffic snarls! I suspect that you have given me a gift that will remain with me always.

I took a moment to just put myself in God's presence and to wonder about who I am, where I'm going and what's out there. At work, I put the picture of the week on my computer as wallpaper each week.

I read the first page of the week, For the Journey, and Getting Started the first day of the week. By the second day I read In These or Similar Words. I tried to evenly break out the readings and prayers to last through the week. I often reread For the Journey and Getting Started during the week.

I used the material every day for my prayer. All the materials were a marvelous help for my daily and weekly prayer. And in our retirement house they used the Sunday Reflection as Shared Prayer in preparation for Sunday Liturgy

The insights were used in our RCIA group on a weekly basis, and I often heard "Gee, I never thought of that before."  To be able to understand the Gospel clearer is to know the mind of Christ and to belong to Him.  Not only did I share the insights of the writers with RCIA, but our small network of 'pilgrims' would discuss the ideas presented.  We all felt that we could place ourselves in the desert scenes much easir after reflecting on the writers interpretation of Jesus's ministry and words.

I participated in a group e-mail sharing with wonderful, simply amazing, and generous people.  I also told others outside the retreat about my experience.

I used the retreat materials almost daily as part of my prayer ritual.  I tried to have a special time (usually at night)to do the exercises and really enjoyed many of the insights offered through the weekly and daily resources.

I shared the retreat with my family especially one member who recently was diagnosed with cancer. Plan to share the web site to my fellow catechists.

I was in an online group. I was quite faithful to sharing but the majority of the group seemed to fade away.

Two friends of mine and myself went through the material (readings, prayers and beginning pages of each week)every Saturday.  We found the quantity of data overwhelming and usually each talked about what hit us most that week.  We had to narrow down our scope.  We were initially doing the daily reflections, but it got to be too much. 

I read them thoroughly once a week and find to my unending delight that that seems to be where I am in my life so the retreat is kind of an affirmation -- it follows the liturgical studies in time as well.  Regarding whether I used it for prayer, I try to use the background for the week and then again I find it is at the same place I am.  The resources are helpful in clarifying items I do not clearly understand. 

I began my retreat each week reading over the materials and that definately set the tenor for the week. some weeks I used the materials specifically for prayer but it always set the theme of all prayer and focus and what was happening that week. 

A friend invited myself and 3 other friends to join her when she discovered this retreat.  We have met every other Friday for over a year now, only taking a break during lent this year, when we were approaching week 30 and it was confilicting with our Lenten prayers since we didn't start it in September with the liturgical calendar. 

There were 4 of us who met every other Friday to share what we interpreted in the readings and experienced in our putting them into practice in our daily lives.  We rotated houses and the evening started with dinner by the host, then we'd move to the living room to share (about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes), and then we'd have dessert and plan the day and time of our next meeting.  We all had different experiences, but it was obvious that we've become more aware of Christ's presence within us AND that our relationship with Him is now a priority in our lives-above work and other relationships. 

It was difficult at first, as any change in patterns is.  I especially struggled with the guided imagery of placing myself into a scene.  That was completely new to me, but after prayer and making the concious choice to do so with the scene where the man was being lowered through the roof into the house where Jesus was, I was shown how powerful it is to take on a 'character' to fully experience the emotions of the story. Thank you. 

I made the retreat alone except for the sharing of some of the materials with my Sophmore age Confirmation group of 50+ who were Confirmed this past Friday night in a wonderful Spirit filled Mass. 

I joined a group of 15 members whom I did not know personally, beginning with the the beginning of liturgical year. 

My "prayer time"  at the computer over the last 31 weeks has been a wonderful gift and blessing.As a busy mother of 6 children and gran to two it is difficult to find time to pray. There is always "something to be done". However it is so easy to become absorbed and still in front of the computer screen it detatches my mind from hum drum activities and i can become open to prayer and be totally unaware of time passing.My family respect my "space" on the computer and don't butt in.The resources were very helpful for prayer, especially since the retreat was synchronised with the liturgical cycle so it was woven into the fabric of other spiritual aspects of my life. As a catechist in RCIA the retreat material provided the basis for more enlightened catechesis. I also used the Reflections in daily life, which I discovered about a year ago.

The readings formed the basis of my prayer each week.  The weekly resources were helpful, though sometimes I felt there was a tendency for the notes to prescribe what I 'ought' to feel - which was not necessarily what I did feel! 

I looked in at the site, each day, and found a focus there, as well as exercises to promote a deeper remationship with Christ. 

I was very fortunate to find a friend/work colleague who was interested in doing the retreat with me.  While we find it very difficult to match our schedules, we've either met or e-mailed each other each week to share our reflections on the themes.  This has been enormously helpful for both of us--we experience each other as one of the sources of God's grace, as we both support and challenge each other to growth in discipleship. 

The weekly resources were VERY helpful.  I have formed a habit of sitting down to the computer when I first arrive at my office and starting with the retreat (most mornings).  That gives me a very important centering experience with the week's themes that I can carry through the day.  All the resources are helpful; I tend to read a short segment and then will often go back and forth between it and my own reflections, which I type right into a document on my computer.  So the process is very interactive and workable for me.

[The retreat materials] were very helpful. Some weeks I got more out of them due to what was going on in my life. I intend to start over after Christmas. I find them a help in developing a better prayer life 

I read all the materials and links for each week. I read the sharing once or twice over 31 sessions over about 36 weeks. I missed a week here and there towards week 25+. I dabbled in the Daily Reflections from time to time and discovered two online video talks that we most worthwhile on the Creighton site.

The retreat materials were my guides during the entire week.  Life was better for having the materials like fertilized soil to grow from. 

I usually use all materials for each week.  I read a material you provide for the week, spending sometime to think, to pray. I have written some journal after such moments. I usually use a part of my lunch time before the computer (about 4 days a week).

I used all the materials every week, sometimes extending the "week" by several days. It became the foundation for my study and the framework of my prayer life. 

For many weeks in the beginning of the retreat, I went through each week all at once.  That is, I read through all resources and reflections at one sitting, and I would do this, say, every Monday night.  I don't get online that much so I would make a retreat night.  It was so awesome.  And, the resources, for me, were very much a key part. 

I reviewed all the retreat materials each time I signed into the retreat. I found it helpful to focus my attention on the different topics at hand and to clarify some of the material I was reading. 

At the beginning of the week and before work each day, I would go first to the retreat. I always chose a prayer and reading. It usually took minimum of two weeks to go through the materials. I never felt that I absorbed it entirely. 

I read all the material and used this as my guide in doing the retreat with my Jesuit director. The resources are excellent and gave me the direction I needed. All the material was very good and explained well. The scripture was very, very helpful. I might add that I have extensive theological training and found all material refreshing and valuable. The material is excellent regardless of experience level.

For many weeks in the beginning of the retreat, I went through each week all at once.  That is, I read through all resources and reflections at one sitting, and I would do this, say, every Monday night.  I don't get online that much so I would make a retreat night.

I printed all of the retreat materials and read through everything at least once.  I used  "For the Journey" and "In these or similar words" most often throughout the week.  I kept each week's materials in a ring binder and often went back to review something. 

Once a week. I accessed this retreat about once a week, and read just about everything at that time.

Every week I took an index card and made notes to put in my bathroom, in front of my mirror, so I would be reminded every day of the themes of the week and the meditations. 

At first my director handed me the readings plus the introduction. Once I got online, I used all the material.

I used the retreat materials as an outline for prayer each week.  I went through each item each week, finding the prayers, the "getting started," the picture -- all helpful.  I did not read the sharing every week but found it most uplifting when I did. 

Five Sisters in our Community made the retreat. We shared each Saturday on what touched us during the week. We came to know and appreciate each other as never before. We printed two copies for ourselves each week and two copies for our
Sisters who do not have Internet.

I shared my questions and thoughts with my Spiritual Director once a month.  I printed out the materials every week.  When I traveled, having the print out in a ring binder enabled me to continue with the exercises.

I copied the retreat materials for the week on Monday including the daily reflections.  Each evening I read from the materials starting with "Practical Help" and working my way during the week through readings and prayers. 

I made the retreat before work each day. 

I spoke with my spiritual director about it.  Also, I "shared" it because I am a columnist and writer for the Catholic ...  newspaper, our archdiocesan paper.  When I did a story recently on the Jesuits, I did a sidebar on "Ignatian spirituality" and mentioned your site.  Hopefully, others ... will find it as helpful as I did. 

I met with a friend weekly, one hour, to discuss and reflect on the previous weeks lesson and graces. 

I really enjoyed the picture, and being able to make it my wallpaper.  That was a constant reminder for me, as well as for my family.  They would question some of the pictures, and it would be a good opener for me to discuss the retreat with them. 

Every Monday morning I would change my computer picture--one of the best things to help keep me on track, and I would read through all the various parts of the retreat.  During the week I would come back to different things, perhaps re-reading some of the helps, or doing the various readings.  I would print off the prayers that I liked and put them in various places, around the house and car so that I would say them.  I also participated in the on-line retreat and found that to be very helpful.  I loved reading the sharing! 

I shared the link with 7 people, and they did the retreat, than we talked it over once a week. 

As husband and wife it gave us an opportunity to share the experience with each other as well as the on-line group

I have shared with a few friends---we met a few times during lent for prayer and sharing and the material was helpful as I am the facilitator of this group 

I spoke with my spiritual director by phone each week. 

I made the retreat online with a group that began in Sept. and followed the Liturgical year. 

I shared it with my sister who was also reminding me of the Lord's presence in my life. 

I  prayed  this  retreat  with  myself.  I  found  the  sharings  of  other  persons  from  around  our  world  very  helpful.  Knowing  that  other  persons  were  praying  for  me  and  in  turn  that  I  was  praying  for  all  making  this  retreat  gave  me  strength  to  continue. 

My sister who lives two states away told me of this retreat and we have made it together discussing as the weeks unfolded. 

It's the 21st century, and maybe this is a new way of doing retreats, but I like it. Why can't God talk to me through a computer screen, he's everywhere else?

My wife and I used this retreat to enrich our faith journey each and every day.   It has made a signifcant difference in how we approach our faith and has given us the ability to live our faith as a way of daily life. 

I made the retreat with the e-mail group at Creighton and I gave the website address to several friends. 

I used all the retreat materials at my desk at work each day.  Some days I had pretty intense experiences with the materials offered in the short spurts I could use them.  I always kept the photo as my wallpaper.  I often wrote short paraphrases of retreat material on sticky notes to remind myself to focus.  I ran out prayers such as the Breastplate of St. Patrick and Batter Me, Lord, both of which I continue to use. 

I shared my experiences with two small groups of "spiritual companions" that I belong to--one of which is an Ignatian Christian Life Community.  I also have a good friend who is also making the Spiritual Exercises using your web site. 

Over a period of about 9 months I took part in the Spiritual Exercises with a spiritual director using your web site as a framework for prayer and meditation. 

At first I wanted my wife to share in this, even if several weeks behind. Since she is not as comfortable (or patient) with things on line I copied each of the first 17 weeks as I began each week to put in a binder. But, it was not for her to follow at this time. 

The nice part about doing a retreat this way, was that I could  and did take more than one week to do each Week. I felt that I couldn't go on until I had really gotten what I wanted out of the week I was doing. ... I probably would never had finished the Weeks if I hadn't been able to go at the pace that my busy schedule holds me to. 

I told many people about this retreat in my RCIA class, good friends who wanted a new way to worship. 

I don't belong to a group but have friends and relatives who also did the retreat. It was helpful to listen to other's insights and to share mine. 

I made the retreat on my own, but shared some of the graces and insights with my spiritual director,who is a Jesuit, and was able to add to the various weeks. 

I asked a Jesuit priest that I was aquainted with to be my advisor online while I did the retreat and he helped me greatly. 

A friend of mine who lives in another city was unable to access the retreat from her computer. Each week, I e-mailed the week's information, reflections and readings. This person was very appreciative and we were both glad that we were doing the retreat together.

I made the retreat with a friend, we met every second week and shared our experience.  It was great to see how each one of us was evolving according to our own styles all in using the same material to guide us.

Often printed the materials and shared with a prayer partner. The entire program/retreat has been a highlight in my life these several months.  Particularly of great value has been the sharing between four other women and myself.  We have truly been blessed.  Thank you.

I did the retreat all by myself, although I shared some of the ideas with our assistant pastor.

I began the retreat alone, and it was enormously helpful to my inner prayer life. I then began a weekly group in our church parish and we walked through it together, I would provide the weekly materials, everyone truly felt blessed so I thank you. 

I did not make the Retreat with a group but did send a note to the Place to Share.

Even when I was traveling I took my laptop along so that I could access the Retreat. The fact that the retreat was a growing, weekly evolving experience was a tremendous support in my getting to it every week.

Each noon on Mondays, I met with a friend that is also going through the retreat. We discussed the previous week and our reflections and reactions that we experienced.

The on-line retreat has been very beneficial to me. On Mondays I would spend about one hour to read through the week's lessons, getting started, the guidepost, readings and prayers. Then daily, would read the daily readings and reflections. The combination was powerful and usually reinforced the week's lessons.

I meet monthly with my spiritual director, and have printed much of this retreat material for him.  I have also printed some of the material for a friend with whom I made the exercises in communal form.

I attend mass on Saturday evening then on Sunday morning I would read the next week’s materials.  This was my routine for 34 weeks. I loved it.

I never thought I would look at the 'sharing'.  But I did on two or three occasions, and each time it gave me a feeling of being part of the People of God and of how much we are all the same.  Whoever constructed this site, really knew what they were doing from both a spiritual and psychological point of view. 

I did the retreat individually with a spiritual director.  We met every 2 weeks.

I spent most of my lunch times with the reflections and that is something I hope to continue.  It's like having lunch with Jesus.

From the beginning, I set myself time each day to journey the Exercises. Once a fortnight, I had an hour’s Spiritual Direction 

I did it by myself, at my on pace.

We (husband and wife) printed the entire retreat and started in September. We did each week, daily for the week.

I did the retreat alone but I was guided by a Jesuit.  I shared the graces and the discipline of the retreat with my wife.

It was wonderful having everything at my "fingertips."  I could close the door to my office and dive in to the retreat without having to "prepare" or bring materials from home. 

I printed out the main page for each week and kept it in a notebook.  I shared bits and pieces with my husband and friends.  I also wrote down powerful statements from the 
text and carried them in my pocket at work.  When I felt a twinge of doubt, I would pull out the paper and read it.  Most of the time I would just read the materials and/or pray after 9 pm every evening, (and those rare mornings when I had time). 

With the printed retreat I could get on the page I want to read, disconnect from the Internet, and then read it or print it in its entirety without blocking the phone line.

Our parish group has had get-togethers and prayed with one another over people who needed prayer.  I traveled to Spain and Florida during the retreat and was still able to try and keep up with the group when I was able to get to a computer.

A group in our parish formed to use the retreat materials and to 'meet' online each week to discuss graces and insights resulting from the exercises. 

My wife and I did it together and I had done the Spiritual Exercises once before in a group under the direction of a Jesuit. 

It was easiest if I reviewed the materials before I left the office for the day.  I would then use the commute home as a reflection time.

I got a Loreto nun who is a friend of mine to accompany me and I met with her fortnightly to share my reflections.

I think that it has deepened my relationship with Jesus, and it has helped me to grow.  I am being Spiritually Directed by my Pastor, and occasionally share with him what is going on in the retreat.  However, I have a hunger for more...I feel that I need to make a retreat in person.

I used the retreat materials extensively, every week.  The resources were all right on-target.  I am very enthusiastic about this and have told many people about the site.  It's incredibly well organized. 

I shared every other Thursday with one person.

I shared the retreat with my spiritual director and occasionally with a reflection group at work.

This retreat was done with a group through my parish. 

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