Online Retreat Guide - Week 2
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Our Story: Exploring Its Depth

Guide: Looking Closely at Our Stories

As we reviewed the photo album of our life stories last week, we all experienced special memories that have put us in touch with our God’s presence with us throughout our life’s journey. Our exercises this week will help us enter more deeply into our stories.

One powerful way to go deeper is to ask, and explore the answers to, key questions. We are still going to be doing this in the midst of our busy lives this week, and will keep utilizing the background (see the “Some Practical Help for Getting Started This Week” section).

These questions are easy to remember and are important in preparing for the weeks to come. We were all “knit together in our mother’s womb,” as Psalm 139 tells us. Various events and experiences have shaped us into the people we are today. Let’s listen for the answers that will reveal the depths of God’s movement in us this week.

What graces, insights, special or painful memories were given to me last week?

Did I like doing these exercises last week, and did they nurture some new desires in me?

After last week’s review of my photo album, I’m attracted to . . .

Where, in my life story, did I feel most totally known by God?

Is there a part of me, my story, I have a hard time imagining God knowing? Because I have a hard time imagining God accepting me there?

Where in my story were there crossroads? It could have gone this way or that: how was God present in the way my story continued from there?

Am I accepting of who I am today? If not, can I hold those areas up to God? If yes, can I hold my whole self up to God, in gratitude?

Are there areas I feel God is wanting to love in me? change in me? make use of for others?

Throughout this week, in every background moment, let there be expressions of gratitude for the blessings of how my life story is connecting me with God’s presence and love. Let me experience the feeling of my continuing to grow and develop. The one who formed us in our mother’s womb is still forming us this week.

The Grace we pray for this week:
I am grateful for the way my own life story connects me today with God’s presence and love.

Consider sharing the graces you have received
this week with others making the retreat.

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Getting Started
Some practical help for beginning the retreat, and how to go about preparing oneself and using this guide.

For the Journey
Reflections by

Larry Gillick, S.J.
as helps for the journey.

In these or
similar words

St. Ignatius might say: "Speak with Our Lord, as friend to friend, in these or similar words."

Some readings that are chosen to fit this week.

Written prayers by others sometimes helps us find words ourselves.

A Place to Share
At any time this week, if you have anything you'd like to share, that has touched you, you can share it by leaving a note here, even anonymously.

Read the Sharing
Read what others have shared about their prayer or graces.


Listen to each week of the Online Retreat
on a CD or on your mp3 player


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