The Promotion of Justice
Resources for Exploring the Jesuit and Catholic Tradition
Justice in the World
World Synod of Bishops
Social Development and World Peace
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops
Working on behalf of the Catholic bishops to share and apply Catholic social teaching on domestic and international issues. 
Economic Justice for All:
A Pastoral Letter on Catholic Social Teaching 
and the U.S. Economy
National Conference of Catholic Bishops
A Decade after Economic Justice for All:
 Continuing Principles, Changing Context, 
New Challenges 
National Conference of Catholic Bishops
The Center of Concern
Founded in 1971 by Jesuit Fathers at the request of United States Catholic Conference,Center of Concern is an independent, interdisciplinary organization which offers hope for creating a global society with economic justice for all, and direction to meet the challenges of a new age.
Salt of the Earth
Claritians Publications outstanding online resouces on Social Justice and Catholic Social Teaching. 

See especially:
Busy Christian's Guide to Catholic Social Teaching

Sojo Net
The Online Voice of Sojourners Magazine
Sojourners brings together people who are passionate for social justice. Our bimonthly magazine, website, and grassroots projects promote values at the crossroads where spirituality, politics and culture meet.
Catholic Social Teaching
Resources from the Office of Social Justice, 
the Archdioces of St. Paul, Minnesota.
Links to the Documents, Key Quotations, Key Themes, a Reading List, and Resources for Catholic Educators (including a PowerPoint presentation).
Pax Christi International
Pax Christi USA
Catholic Peace Movement
A National Catholic Social Justic Lobby
A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, NETWORK educates, lobbies and organizes to influence the formation of federal legislation to promote economic and social justice.
Bread for the World
Bread for the World is a nationwide Christian citizens movement seeking justice for the world's hungry people by lobbying our nation's decision makers.
rscj JusticeNet
An electronic community in support of social justice.  A vehicle for the active Social Justice Community sponsored by the Society of the Sacred Heart.
amnesty international online
Working to protect human rights worldwide.
International Campaign to Ban Landmines
Tremendous resources to learn about and become involved in this important justice and human rights issue.
The Catholic Worker Movement
The Catholic Worker Movement, founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in 1933, is grounded in a firm belief in the God-given dignity of every human person.
In All Things
Jesuit Conference Office of Social and International Ministries
This Journal intends to inform, analyze and promote action.  Just as we hope to tackle some of the implications of globalization for our social mission, we also seek to see justice through the eyes of our faith and spirituality.
 "Justice" in the Catechism of the Catholic Church
acting according to, 1697, 1754, 1778, 1787
actions incompatible with, 1916, 2297, 2325, 2356, 2413, 2476, 2485
among nations, 2437-42
"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice," 1716
definition of, 1807
distributive, 2236, 2411
duties of, 1459, 1787, 2401, 2446-47, 2487
effects of, 2304
God's, 271, 1040, 1861, 1953, 1987, 1991-92, 2017, 2543
holiness and original, 375-76, 379, 400, 404
obligation of lay people to conform, all things to the norms of, 909
persecution for die sake of righteousness, 1716
political authorities and, 2237
requirements of, 1459, 2494-95
seeking, 1888, 2820
social, 1928-42, 2425-26, 2832
virtue of, 1805, 1807, 2479, 2848
Commencement Address
Ignacio Ellacuría, S.J.
Santa Clara University
June 1982
The Promotion of Justice
Jesuit Documents about the
Service of Faith and the 
Promotion of Justice
Justice Resources at Creighton
Creighton Center for 
Service & Justice

A Online Ministry of the
Collaborative Ministry Office