Daily Reflection
January 18th, 1999
Tom Purcell
Hebrews 5:1-10
Mark 2:18-22

It's hard for me to find a common thread between today's two readings.  But there is something to chew on in each of these passages.

First Paul.  Which of us is called to be high priest as Paul describes it?

Very few indeed.  But which of us is not called to have the qualities of the high priest that Paul outlines - to deal patiently with others, to be cognizant of our own inherent sinfulness, to make amends for our sins, to answer God's call to serve in whatever form that call takes?  We all can respond to that call, and by emulating the high priest, have a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God.

In Mark (and Matthew) Jesus tells us not to fast while the groom is still at the wedding feast.  When I reflect on this the phrase "live in the moment" keeps coming to me.  Not a "live for today" or an "eat, drink and be merry" type of sentiment but instead an awareness of the reality, the blessedness of the gifts that I have.  To me living in the moment means having a conscious appreciation for the place where I am in my life journey, and that there is a right time for everything.  I have to guard against the impatience of letting too much "tomorrow dreams" into my todays, and the frustration of having too many "yesterday regrets" cloud my present.  Yes, the bridegroom is not present physically with me today, but I sense His presence all about me.  And when I fast, or help someone, or hurt someone, or sew a patch on a cloak, or pour new wine into skins, I am aware of where I am and who I am.  I can sense the past and the present and the hope for the future and I can live today sensing the direction in which I am moving.  And I am thankful for the bridegroom who has invited me to be a guest at His wedding while I am on this journey.


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