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Audio Conversation about Holy Saturday and the Vigil

Take a moment to read some of the sharing people are sending us about Mercy in the City.

A Wonderful Holy Week Reflection
In Memory of a Jesuit assassinated in Syria

Today's Resources:
Holy Saturday
Holy Saturday Contemplation

Easter Resources:
Preparing for the Easter Vigil

Easter Proclamation - the Exultet
The Blessing of Water
Renewing our Baptismal Promises

Celebrating the Octave of Easter

Pope Francis' prayer:

"Oh, our Jesus, lead us from the Cross to the Resurrection and teach us that evil will not have the last word, but love , mercy and forgiveness. O Christ, help us to once again cry : 'Yesterday I was crucified with Christ; today I am glorified with Him. Yesterday I died with Him, today I live with Him. Yesterday I was buried with Him, today raised with Him '. Finally, let us all together remember the sick, remember all the abandoned people under the weight of the Cross, that in the trial of the Cross they may find the strength of Hope, the Hope of the Resurrection and the Love of God."


We have asked Creighton faculty, staff and administrators to reflect upon the daily readings each day.
Click on the underlined name below for the daily reflections. Each page includes a reference to each reading, as well as a link to the text of the readings.
Please hit "RELOAD" or "REFRESH" for the latest version of this calendar.

Read these reflections on your Palm or Hand Held Device.

April 6
Mary Lee Brock
April 7
Craig Zimmer
April 8
Eileen Burke-Sullivan
April 9
Steve Scholer
April 10
Marcia Shadle Cusic
April 11
Marty Kalkowski
April 12
Sue Selde
April 13
Andy Alexander, S.J.
April 14
Nancy Shirley
April 15
Dennis Hamm, S.J.
April 16
Amy Hoover
April 17
Carol Zuegner
April 18
Larry Gillick, S.J.
April 19
Andy Alexander, S.J.
April 20
Rev. Richard Gabuzda
April 21
Maureen McCann Waldron
April 22
Tami Whitney
April 23
Michael Cherney
April 24
Tom Shanahan, S.J.
April 25
Cindy Murphy McMahon
April 26
Chas Kestermeier, S.J.
April 27
Robert P. Heaney
April 28
Nate Romano, S.J.
April 29
Diane Jorgensen
April 30
Edward Morse
May 1
Barbara Dilly
May 2
Catie O'Malley
May 3
Luis Rodriguez, S.J.
May 4
Jeanne Schuler
May 5
Joe Zaborowski
May 6
Dick Hauser, S.J.
May 7
Pat Borchers
May 8
Joe Simmons, S.J.
May 9
Paddy Gilger, S.J.
May 10
Dennis Hamm, S.J.

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