Daily Reflection
January 24nd, 1999
Lori Spanbauer
Campus Ministry

Isaiah 8:23-9:3
1 Corinthians 1:10-13,17
Matthew 4:12-23

 I read an article some time ago which contained the line, "Night amplifies everything that moves through it, thoughts as well as trains."  Have you been aware of that?  I have been cognizant of that many times, but had never articulated it.  I understood the line completely when I read it. Night does amplify everything.  I donít have much of a problem with insomnia, but when I do, and the night is amplifying my fears, anxieties or sorrow, I canít wait until dawn.  And I always know it will come, itís just a matter of waiting.  Todayís readings bring the hopeful reminder that peace will come from pain just as light comes from darkness.

I cannot help but be reminded of the Paschal Mystery again and again when I read these passages.  Living in darkness and then seeing a great light.  Living in the land of the shadow of death and then having a great light dawn.  What encouraging, hopeful images those are for me!  Those images elicit a hope that is so represented in the dying and rising of Christ; the dying and rising that is such a gift to Christians and such a consolation to me.  It is a gift in that I was redeemed once for all time, but it is a gift, too, because of the hope it conveys in the midst of daily life.

Recently I was talking with a student who was beginning the grieving process that is the result of graduating this May.  She is already having to let go of some of Creighton and student life, and as she said, it is painful.  This afforded us the opportunity to talk about the Paschal Mystery- the dyings and risings that are the cycle of life.  The pain that is inevitable if growth is to occur.  The huge hug that I got at the end of the conversation confirmed for me that she understood.  We have a great gift in the Paschal Mystery.  With each death we can anticipate a new life. Death is not the end.  A great light will dawn.  What a gift.

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