Daily Reflection
January 27th, 1999
Steve Kline
Public Relations & Information

Hebrews 10:11-18
Mark 4:1-20
How does God teach me?

It must take an extraordinary effort to pierce the doubts that seem to be bred into me.

Today's reading from Hebrews, with its reference to the new covenant outlined in Jeremiah, tells me that God teaches me directly by touching my heart and mind.  I believe that I do feel the Spirit stirring in my heart.  It is that thing in me that is moved to tears of joy, sadness or even anger.

When, exactly, does this happen?  When do I feel God's teaching in my heart?

When I am inspired by someone's act of kindness or courage, or when I simply marvel at the glory of God in the natural beauty around me.  When one of my children calls to me from another room just to tell me that she loves me.  When I read a news story about a tragedy in Bosnia, Chicago, or down the street.  When someone in a position of power is cruel and abusive.  When I am quietly listening for God in the hours before sunrise each day, on the sofa in my living room, in prayer.

It happens all the time.  God is teaching me all the time.  He is touching my heart all the time.  I was tempted to write something negative here about how I do not take care to listen all the time.  But that is life.  I am learning to listen.  That is good enough.

Today's Gospel is about the teaching method of Jesus.  I understand that He tells stories, and teaches each according to his or her own capacity.  I have a vague notion that this reading says something about the rewards of faith.  What I do not understand is that Jesus seems to be telling his disciples that some people are excluded from salvation by design.  I am sure that someone wiser than I am could teach me about this passage in a way that would answer all of my questions.

Good. I hope that happens some day.

For today, the lesson seems to be that in order for me to be taught, my questions are a requirement, not a problem.

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