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January 23rd, 2010

Nancy Shirley

School of Nursing
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Saturday of the Second Week of Ordinary Time
2 Samuel 1:1-4, 11-12, 19, 23-27
Psalm 80:2-3, 5-7
Mark 3:20-21

Today’s first two readings reminded me that war and fear have been a part of human experience for a very long time.   Sometimes when I think about the ills of the current world, I forget that these are not new.  Natural disasters and cruel human acts have always been with us, as has the faith of people to face these tragedies and, at times, even grow. I am touched by the sorrow that David felt and the impact of the losses beyond just the immediate family/circle of friends.  Another reminder of how interconnected we all are to one another.  Our actions, or lack thereof, have ripple effects well beyond our viewing area.  We are not isolated beings in this fragile world but a complex connected web where vibrations anywhere are felt in some way everywhere. 

The psalm reflects a people reaching out almost in desperation for some favor or comfort from their God.  In many ways, this feels different to me from the majority of psalms that seem to focus on praise.  While I may have had similar prayers at times, I believe the foundation for me is the faith that whatever happens I am not alone. I did not sense as much confidence in this plea especially the last part.  That sense of knowing that no matter what, God is there in all ways manifested and that the outcome will truly be okay is a tremendous gift.  That does not mean the outcome will always be what fits my plans but I know that whatever, I need to not worry and hand it over and believe.  Having the grace and faith to keep accepting is one of the most important parts of my prayers.  The gentle bonk on the head that I’m not in charge!!

I will admit to being someone baffled by the gospel.  Jesus’s relatives think he is out of his mind?!  Of course, this would not include Mary and Joseph.  Still, it was unnerving to think about those closest to Jesus, thinking he was not sane.  Then I did imagine how some of his actions and ways would have seemed so strange to those around him.  Without the grace of the Holy Spirit to open our hearts and minds, we, too, might consider this over the edge.  Ah. . . faith does not mean we believe what we see and feel around us.  It goes beyond what might make sense and allows our hearts and minds to accept and believe without seeing.  There is a great line in the song, My Savior, My God, it bridges that gap between knowing in the traditional sense and KNOWING God:

        That He would leave His place on high
        And come for sinful man to die
        You count it strange, so once did I
        Before I knew my Savior

It is by the grace of God, that we KNOW Him and accept Him into our hearts. I pray that grace continues for all of us. . .

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