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June 26th, 2011
Jeanne Schuler

Philosophy Department
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Through the Din Comes a Call

At first, the words of the Gospel sound daunting.  Does Jesus ask us to surrender everything we cherish: family, friends, and life itself?   Discipleship is too harsh; surely it targets the exceptional few: the apostles, martyrs, and mystics.  Ordinary people are not cut from bold cloth.  We cling to the goodness that surrounds us. But this call reaches each of us.  Even doubters and timid souls are called to follow in the steps of His passion and new life. 

Ours is a calculating world.  As children, we learn to sort, weigh, compare, and optimize outcomes.  Our risks are measured.  We live in the shadow of illusions that dry us up, like “everything has a price” or “war brings peace.”   For relief from this dead talk, we seek balance amidst the day’s conflicts.  But the wholehearted striving of the disciple does not promise balance or serenity.  To our weary ears, the life of passion sounds like more strife.

God wants all of us but the first steps are small.  It may begin with a cup of cold water given to a thirsty stranger or a meal shared with one who serves the poor.  From the meal, comes the offer of a bed on the roof for a sleepy prophet.  Once our grip on our possessions loosens, new life flows.  From small beginnings comes a different kind of happiness, like a child transforming a wealthy couple resigned to loss. 

This is the promise.  Whatever is lost, even life itself, will somehow be found.

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