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November 19th, 2011

Patricia Soto Becerra

Physics Department
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Saturday of the 33rd Week in Ordinary Time
[502] 1 Maccabees 6:1-13
Psalms 9:2-3, 4+6, 16+19
Luke 20:27-40 

I very much like the passage from the Gospel because it motivates a couple of mini-reflections. The first idea that came to my mind was the meaning of “resurrection”.

I admit in the past, I first believed in it but then I struggled with it. Fortunately about a year ago I had the opportunity to listen to a friend of mine (a priest) who put the concept of “resurrection” in a way I had not thought of. He said that a way to think about resurrection would be as an opportunity to change for better, the courage to welcome and to be proactive for the change that we need and that would bring fresh air to our life.  This may not be the most sophisticated theological meaning of resurrection, but it does fill me with so much peace. For your personal reflection, dear online reader, what is your view about resurrection?

The second idea that came to my mind was the meaning of the sentence “he is not God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive”. I read the sentence a few times and I even wrote it down to capture the message as I felt there was something there of great value. And then the spark of inspiration came: that sentence reminded me of a book I read to my children about God.

One of the stories in that book talks about how kids may find God in the green grass, in a leaf tree falling down, in a ladybug walking on the finger of a kid, in the vastness of the sky, in the complexity of a water drop. My interpretation? God is here now, with us. And will be here tomorrow, with us. He is Life and life is through Him.

And the last idea that called my attention, bringing the Gospel words to my daily life, was the respect and consideration Jesus showed to the Sadducees. They wanted to test Jesus’ teachings, nonetheless Jesus was respectful and developed a well elaborated answer. More often than I would like to, I am exposed to situations in which I feel I am being tested (and I admit it stresses me out). To deal with these situations, I will work on having an approach following Jesus example: that of respect and giving to the best of my abilities the best answer I can offer. Dear online reader, have you felt yourself in similar situations? How do you deal with them? I would invite you to follow the example of Jesus.
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