The lives of these prophetic voices remind us of the call to serve and be with the poor.
Their deaths are a demonstration of the ultimate witnessing to this call.

These prophets influenced the lives of the people whom they served in El Salvador
and they continue to serve as modern models of faith, service, and justice through action.

The Jesuit University of Central America Martyrs: the Jesuits, their houskeeper, and her daughter

Faculty and Staff Reflections

For ten days in October 2009, Creighton Faculty and Staff, went on a pilgrimage to El Salvador to learn about the history of the country, observe the memorials to the martyrs - known and unknown, and to inform their personal spirituality with an engagement with the poor of the world.

Read some of their sharing.

"Dangerous Memories...Prophetic Voices"
The 2009-2010 academic year at Creighton is a celebration of the lives of the martyrs of El Salvador and others from around the world that have shaped our Jesuit and Catholic identity and what it means to serve, accompany, reflect, pray, and lead.
Read more about the events commemorating the UCA Martyrs, Oscar Romero, the Four Church Women, and many more "Prophetic Voices."
Commemorations of the UCA Martyrs at Other Jesuit Schools
Watch videos, listen to speeches, and read about the ways in which the world-wide Jesuit ministries are commemorating
the 20th Anniversary of the Murders at the UCA on November 16, 1989.

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