Conversations Breakfast
A discussion among faculty, staff and administrators
about the latest issue of
Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education
The cover of the Fall 1999 issue of Conversations
"Ideas Have 
Dangerous Consequences"
Tuesday, November 16th
7:30 - 8:30 a.m.
Skutt Student Center, Room 105
A light breakfast will be served.

The focus for the breakfast discussion will be articles based around the magazine's theme, "Ideas Have Dangerous Consequences."  Our guides, Tom Krettek, S.J. and Ken Reed-Bouley,  will each briefly summarize one article from the magazine and then participate in an open discussion.  Copies of this issue of Conversations are being distributed to all employees during the week of November 1. 
“Congregations and Consequences” 

Tom Krettek, S.J. will summarize this article, written by , John W. Padberg, S.J. It  reviews key pronouncements of Jesuit General Congregations 32 and 34 and their impact on Jesuits personally and on the world around them.  Padberg notes “faith doing justice,” an outcome of GC 32, changed the course of the Jesuits worldwide.  Fr. Padberg believes that it led to much of the current Jesuit activity with the poor. He also believes it led to the deaths of the martyrs at the UCA in El Salvador. 

Tom Krettek, S.J.
Associate Professor, Philosphy Dept.

Member of the Society of Jesus. A teacher of Philosophy at CU for past 11 years, he spent one  and one-half  years in Nairobi teaching Philosophy before coming to CU.  Has held a number of formation positions within the Society of Jesus and was Procurator for the Wisconsin Province at this fall's Procurators Congregation in Rome.

“Remembering the UCA Martyrs: 
Ten Years Later"

Ken Reed-Bouley will summarize a compelling chronology by American Jesuit Dean Brackley, S.J. It details the assassinations of the UCA martyrs, including the days before and after the killings.  In the article, personal stories are intermingled with political details.  Brackley writes that the deaths had an impact both in the US and in El Salvador.  It ends on a note of hope for reform and compassion for the Salvadorans.

Ken Reed-Bouley
Associate Director for 
the Creighton Center for Service and Justice. 

Born and raised in Woburn, MA. Taught at Hales Franciscan, a small, all-male, all-Black Catholic high school on Chicago’s South Side. Spent 7 years in Ministry at Loyola Chicago. Last Spring led a group of Loyola students on week-long immersion experience in El Salvador, with special emphasis on the Jesuit university, UCA in San Salvador.

 Sponsored by the Collaborative Ministry Office.
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