May 8, 2022
by Rev. Richard Gabuzda
The Institute for Priestly Formation
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Fourth Sunday of Easter
Lectionary: 51

Acts 13:14, 43-52
Psalm 100:1-2, 3, 5
Revelation 7:9, 14b-17
John 10:27-30

Celebrating Easter Home

Prayers by and for Mothers

Weekly Guide for Daily Prayer

An Easter Blessing

Easter Joy in Everyday Life

Goal and Guide

Though the more experienced rock climbers might venture to go it alone when climbing the Rockies, those whose goal is ascending the peaks of the Himalayas most likely will seek out the aid of a “Sherpa,” a local expert in navigating the way to the highest peaks.  Only someone who has been there can safely guide those who are novices on the journey.

In the light of the Resurrection which we continue to enjoy these days, the Book of Revelation depicts for us the ultimate goal of the risen life.  The scene places us together with a “great multitude . . . from every nation, people, race, and tongue,” living in the presence of the Lord and the Lamb for all eternity.  Though the risen life sustains us throughout our earthly pilgrimage, we know that a future holds for us the promise of a life in which “God will wipe every tear from [our] eyes.”

We have a goal, but we need a trustworthy guide to lead us there. Today’s Gospel passage provides just that: we are invited to become followers of the Shepherd who will guide us to eternity “where [we] will never perish.” Jesus is both Lamb and Shepherd, Goal and Guide.

Far from being merely a guide hired for pay, however, our Shepherd has a particular closeness to us and a particular care for us.  First, we are told, he knows us. We are not “just one of the crowd,” but we are personally known by our Guide.  Second, for what at times can feel like a perilous journey, we are given a great assurance: “no one can take them out of my hand.” 

Where do we find ourselves today on the journey to eternity?  Are we looking forward to arriving there?  Are we fearful of or hesitant about that goal?  Are we so burdened with the challenges of the present moment that talk of that distant future seems hollow?  “I know them,” Jesus says and so he invites us to share with him where we find ourselves today on this pilgrimage of life.  Rather than trying to make our way on our own, let’s entrust ourselves to him and let him lead us along the mountain passes and trails, with the assurance that no one can take us out of his hands.

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